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#1336635 Request for change to EPGimport

Posted by jeepcook on 10 April 2021 - 08:35



As you said 90% of users have no knowledge about advanced e2 options or how to create or edit a file, ok. So what's the problem to implement options for advanced users ?


There are already a lot of specific configurations in e2 we can use, we, the 10% ! For epgimport, there are already specific options (custom.channels.xml, custom.sources.xml and an unlimited way to create specific sources and channels xml).


If you only want user friendly options, we can consider to destroy e2, because specificities are already a lot... by my side I make a lot of actions by script at boot, after restore or at defined time. The 90% don't know what is a crontab, so what's the e2 future, remove the crontab ? obviously not...


From years, e2 is in deep sleep mode, no real new functionalities and buggy ones that nobody want to fix. So I think you have to consider specific devs, and this one too.