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In Topic: Blindscan plugin dumb question

11 March 2021 - 07:13

Transponder scan is two steps.
Channel scan is one step, Just like your Dreambox.
Blindscan is not capable of finding "Hidden" transponders. Never has been and probably never will be...

Thank you Bandido, it is crystal clear now!  i will use "Scan for Channels" only from now on.

Just one last and quick question.

Is it possible to modify blindscan plugin, so i dont have to select:
Scan for Channels: ON. (defalut scan for transponders)
Scan start frequency: 3700 (default 3400)
Claer before scan: ON (default OFF)
Disable sync with known transponders: ON (default OFF)

every time i perform a blindscan... i mean to set this options as DEFAULTS?? 

I guess this could be change in python plugin right? but i have to decompile it first

Or it could be done in the Edision menu???

If i could change this settings as defaults in my brand new Edision Os Mio+ 4K, i'll be 100% happy with my new receiver! 
please tell me it can be done. 

Monterrey, México