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Blindscan plugin dumb question

11 March 2021 - 06:34

Hi. my name is RamboHack, im from México.

I've been using Dreambox 920 for the past 3 and a half years and been familiar with the Dream Elite Image.

Now i just bought a brand new Edision Os Mio+ 4K, and installed OpenPLI 8.0 (stable version).

My "dumb" question is about blindscan plugin in Openpli 8.0.

Over the past 3 and a half years i only selected blindscan on my Dreambox, and scan for Transponders, and the Channels, both things in one step, then i moved to another satellite and blindscan again, tps and channels in one step.

But now on my new Edision Os Mio+ 4K with OpenPLi 8.0, i have to go to the blindscan menu, then scan for transponders, at the end, when the process finish,  i have an option to select ALL transponders (yellow button) and then scan for channels, after that i have a list of channels (feeds included) on my receiver...... then i have to do all this proccess again for a new satellite.

My dumb question is:

Is it posibble to change this settings in blindscan plugin? i mean, i want to perform a blindscan in ONE SINGLE STEP, like i did on Dreambox 920 Dreamelite.

It is very annoying to wait for the transponder scanning, then select yellow button, then green button again to scan for channels. its ok for an ocassional user, but not for me a "feed hunter" :P

Anyone been able to modify this on OpenPli? plugin python maybe?... so i can scan for tps and channes in one step?

Also another dumb question, What exactly is the difference between "Scan For Transponders" and "Scan For Channels".... obviously the first one, only scans for tps on satellite, i got that.... and the second for channels.....  but what about if i chose only "scan for channels", will i get "hidden" tps, i mean ocasional feeds? or just scans for tps previously located in satellites.xml.  or what exactly is the difference between this 2 options.

Thank you all for your kind answers to this mexican pal.
Monterrey, Mexico