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In Topic: Info LCD-scherm Uno 4K SE vs Ultimo

9 March 2022 - 07:47

Hello, you should use the lcd4linux plugin and customize it .. or use the configurations of this plugin


Hi, je kunt de lcd4linux plugin gebruiken en deze naar wens aanpassen, of gebruik de configuraties van deze plugin.

In Topic: Vuplus support by open pli

3 March 2022 - 12:48

But this is not a reason why our Broadcoms are no longer supported, either by vu plus or by you! I still do not know if the pli team needs a vuplus update? Because the sources are different

In Topic: Vuplus support by open pli

2 March 2022 - 14:01

It means exactly what it says. Not more, not less.

OK. We hope that vuplus will update itself and be able to use the pli team.that's a pity

In Topic: Vuplus support by open pli

2 March 2022 - 13:19

I mean this post

In Topic: Speed remote control vu+

16 February 2022 - 13:29

After days of working on changing the speed of the remote, I realized that the front processor does not allow changing the speed.
Is the version 0 for you too?
Can you add this feature to your images?