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In Topic: Auto Diseqc Detect?

14 March 2022 - 21:13


Yes. When you select a channel, the DiSEqC command will select a quadrant (high/low, horizonal/vertical).


A standard tuner will then tune to the transponder frequency, and you are limited to other channels on that same frequency. As an FBC module has multiple tuners, you can use a second tuner to tune into a second transponder in the selected quadrant. So you have access to more transponders.


Normally, appartments have a central distribution system somewhere in the building. It contains a stack of cascading multiswitches, usually fed by quad LNB's or if newer wideband LNB's.


If you are allowed access to that (or if you can get someone to do it), you could add your own cascading switch to it that has the correct number of cascading inputs, and a unicable output. That would give you up to 32 tuners on a single cable, which can be split easily using unicable splitters.

Downside is that those switches aren't cheap, the only I use (for a 4 x quad LNB's cascade, so 16 inputs) is about 700 euro's.


If that isn't possible, see if getting a second output from that distribution stack is possible. You could then use a Johansson Stacker to multiplex the two outputs on a single cable, and split it again into two in your house. That should be doable for around 100 euro's.

Great. Thanks very much for your help. I'll get in touch with the property manager to see if I have any luck accessing their equipment. The stacker-destacker route also sounds interesting (perhaps for setting up with two of the rooms that are closer to each other in my apartment (that are not the one with the TV), then running the two FBC tuners to serve the services over IP (or something similar).


In Topic: Auto Diseqc Detect?

13 March 2022 - 18:34

Sounds pretty straightforward. Thanks for your help! It seems that I will abandon trying to get two positions on two tuners. Does the FBC give me any additional functionality on a single position? (Do I understand correctly that I can access other frequencies beyond the one that is currently engaged?)