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Auto Diseqc Detect?

13 March 2022 - 16:17



I live in an apartment building with quite a large deployment of coaxial points (I have one on each room). I am trying to find a method of detecting the distribution system behind this coaxial in hopes of being able to find a splitting mechanism. Near my TV, I have a coaxial point connected to my twin-tuner Vu+ Uno 4K SE. From the coaxial point, I can get a single cable that carries 3 satellite positions (13E, 7W, 26E) on Port A, B, C (under Advanced settings for my tuner selection). I would like to use the single point to split this signal to two so I can run two cables into the box. The use case will be to record and to dedicate some of the tuners to SAT2IP > TVH.


If I am able to detect the distribution, I am hoping to find a splitter which can take the single coaxial faithfully, and split the Port A, B, C into two coaxial cable to the 2 tuners, and potentially watch on channel on the box, and stream another (from another satellite position). For fuller information, the tuner in the box is FBC capable.


Any thoughts on how I can approach this?