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In Topic: Octagon SF8008 OpenPli Support

Today, 01:15

Not a problem, the third-party feed doesn't exist yet. It will be created when the rc moves to release.

In Topic: Hispasat Multistream issue

Yesterday, 21:59

We generate our satellite.xml from Lyngsat data, so if that is wrong, our xml is too...


As to the is_id, are you saying that if a PLS code is given, but the stream id is missing, it should be added as zero?

In Topic: RemoteTimer

Yesterday, 21:25

Als deze niet meer compatible is waarom staat die dan nog wel in de repo?


Goede vraag, heeft nog niemand naar gekeken denk ik. Ik kan zo 1-2-3 ook niet direct vinden waar die gebouwd wordt.

edit: gevonden, zal in 7.3-release niet meer in de feed zitten.

In Topic: Octagon SF8008 OpenPli Support

Yesterday, 21:21

I hope the SF8008, as this topic is about that box...

In Topic: ZGEMMA H9 COMBO S2X / T2 4K

Yesterday, 21:17

Unless you build a develop image yourself, yes.


Implementing this BSP update will also introduce other updates, and we need to make sure that a fix for you doesn't break something else for others.


Afaik internal readers are standard ISO card readers, they do not contain any logic pertaining to the chip on the smartcard, or the logic in the chip.