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In Topic: OpenPLi 7.2-release available

Today, 00:38

Could be related to a non-ASCII character. Or an issue with UTF-8 truncation. Or a provides that broadcasts EPG with the wrong characterset.


Difficult to see from here...

In Topic: OpenPLi 7.2-release available

Yesterday, 23:23

Maybe some character or string in the EPG (programme guide) that can't be rendered?


In what language is your programme guide?

In Topic: OpenPLi 7.2-release available

Yesterday, 22:59

[eTextPara] renderString: no current_face->size

Something is requesting a font in a specific typeface and size that doesn't exist.


What do you exactly do when this happens? And does it always happen in the same place? Did you install plugins that alter or augment the installed skin?

In Topic: OpenPLi 7.3 » Pre-release test images

Yesterday, 22:56

Cool. Thanks for the feedback.

In Topic: Uitschakelen geluidsinstallatie via HDMI

Yesterday, 20:28

HDMI-CEC is een bus, ik weet niet precies hoe e.e.a. aangesloten zit, hoe e.e.a. werkt (of niet) is altijd een beetje hit-en-miss, hoewel het een standaard hoort te zijn is elke implementatie anders.


In principe doet de Mio niet mee, de TV stuurt een commando uit, de geluidsinstallatie moet daar op reageren.