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In Topic: OpenPLi 7.2-release available

Today, 15:39

As you described the complexity, that (now) seems like a bad idea to me.

In Topic: OpenPLi 7.2-release available

Today, 15:35

You wrote before that the current setup is to show a list of options when you first press the EPG or INFO button. Which is fine by me. And then that you wanted to change it. So I ask "why"?

In Topic: OP 7.2, 2 crashs yesterday

Today, 15:34

The crash happens in flushChanges(), when accessing a Python datastructure. Unfortunately there isn't more info in that crash log...

In Topic: Eutelsat 5W B

Today, 15:32

That confuses me.


The index is orbital position, which hasn't changed, so when you opened the tuner configuration menu, it should have already said "A / B".


But you wrote:

I re-configured Tuner A & B (B equal to A) by allocating 5W-A/B now visible in the list of satellites to the same LNB previously allocated to 5W-A


which indicates that that didn't happen.


You didn't previously use a third-party satellites.xml which has other orbital positions as index? If so, your entire channel list might now be off...

In Topic: OP 7.2, 2 crashs yesterday

Today, 15:18

Lets wait and see if the TS can provide more details on what exactly the situation is and what he was doing.