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In Topic: HDMI CEC TV icon/logo/image

Today, 15:58

I have no clue what your TV does or doesn't do.


I can only say that if the box receives a 0x46 command (getDeviceName), it will respond with command 0x47 (setDeviceName). And that the TV in my office does receive it and show it.


If you want to know what Enigma sends back, start it in debug mode, both TX and RX commands are logged in the debug log.

In Topic: TVVlaanderen werkt soms niet

Today, 15:55

Is het probleem (tijdelijk) eg als je op de box met de kaart Oscam herstart? Heb je het probleem ook als je de kaart in de box zelf steekt?


Oscam wil nogal wat cachen, zeker met de standaard instellingen. Ik moet op mijn cardserver (een antieke XP1000) Oscam af en toe een schop verkopen, anders heb ik ook dit soort rare fratsen.

In Topic: HDMI CEC TV icon/logo/image

Today, 13:21

Hi, I need the setting on hdmi port 2 ... how to change this setting in HDMI-CEC?




Address indicates your box is connected to port 2 of a CEC switch (perhaps in some device like an amp ?) which in turn is connected to port 1 of the TV.

In Topic: HDMI CEC TV icon/logo/image

Today, 13:19

Sorry I'm confused.

I asked regarding my Gigablue if it doesn't send back the 0x47 to my Samsung, but you are talking still about you test case with your hd66se box, right?


If my box does it, yours does to. There is no code difference between boxes.

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Yesterday, 20:18

Might be the interaction between the box and the switch. Marginal power provided by the box (which you could measure at the switch end)? If so, it's hardware so I don't think you can fix that other than less cable or less loss on the cable.


I've used an A/B/C/D switch for years without issues, and with me many others, so I doubt it is a software issue...