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In Topic: Restart Oscam after each start up

29 April 2020 - 12:06

Thanks. All ok now after the software update.

In Topic: Restart Oscam after each start up

27 April 2020 - 15:12

Do you mean an update of OpenPli 7.2?

In Topic: Eutelsat 5W B

27 January 2020 - 09:17

When pasting the following link in your webrowser




one can compare the footprint of Eutelsat 5W A and Eutelsat 5W B. The multistream transponders/channels previously on the "Superbeam" on 5W A were moved to the "Transalpine" beam on 5W B. The footprint of The Transalpine beam is consideribly narrower than the "Superbeam" and is mainly focusing on France (probably Belgium) and Italy but has been shrunk in the North West and partly East and is therefore no longer covering Scandinavia. So it is not weird for me in Scandinavia not to be able to reach Eutelsat 5W B when doing a service search for Eutelsat 5W A/B.Too bad for all expats living in the excluded areas.

In Topic: Eutelsat 5W B

25 January 2020 - 16:38

What about the reception of Eutelsat 5W A/B in Scandinavia like Sth Sweden?

In Topic: Eutelsat 5W B

25 January 2020 - 11:53

That is correct they are off (I am focusing mainly on Multistream channels .

However when making a service search for the satellite 5W A/B, only channels from Inelsat 5W A are downloaded.I do not reach any channel from Intelsat 5W B which is weird.

Maybe I should remove the third party xml file from etc/Enigma2, Restart Enigma and flash the HD51 with a new built OpenPLI 7.2.

I am making automatic backups everyday so I guess the whole process migth not be too much time consuming.

What do U think?