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#325131 CrossEPG problem with scripts

Posted by natman69 on 3 January 2013 - 09:47

@DrAk3 thank you for your reply. I've solved the problem of missed EPG in some channels using the alias script that duplicates the epg from a channel to another.

I've also upgraded crossepg to a newer version (0.6.2+git342+35c67ac). This solved all my problems! The only bug I've noticed is that the event description is truncated at about 256 characters in all mediaset premium channels. I've tested this version of crossepg with a DB8000 and a DB800se using OpenPLi 3.0.

I don't know how to create an ipk package but I've attached all the files to upgrade crossepg to the new version. Hope this will help other OpenPLi users.



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