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New search option idea: Clear before scan (keep flags)

14 November 2021 - 22:29

Nowadays even more services in Enigma2 need to be flagged in order to work, such as T2-MI, BBC, non conventional dvb services etc. These are easy to make on any editor by assigning certain attributes using the c: parameter and the f:4 or f:5 flags on the lamedb. However when a user needs to make a full refresh on a satellite position, there is no option to keep these flagged services intact and perform a clear scan on all others. This used to work somehow with the keep feeds option, but not anymore. Is it possible to add this functionality in Enigma2 permanently by making E2 check for f: entries in the lamedb and ignore them before clearing all other before scanning? I think it would be very useful so users don't have to readd these manually again?