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Problems with codec map

24 August 2018 - 02:08

Hi, lately I'm testing the new codec map capability that was recently added in the PliExtraInfo converter and also used in the ServiceInfo screen.
However, I see there are some problems with the mapping

codec_data = {
-1: "N/A",
0: "MPEG2",
1: "AVC",
2: "H263",
3: "VC1",
4: "MPEG4-VC",
5: "VC1-SM",
6: "MPEG1",
7: "HEVC",
8: "VB8",
9: "VB9",
10: "XVID",
11: "N/A 11",
12: "N/A 12",
13: "DIVX 3.11",
14: "DIVX 4",
15: "DIVX 5",
16: "AVC",
17: "N/A 17",
18: "VB6",
19: "N/A 19",
20: "N/A 20",
21: "SPARK",
More specifically:
- H.265 is reported as MPEG1
- VB6/8/9 are not named correctly they should be VP6/8/9. These codecs are recognized even though they are reported as N/A
- Chinese AVS (CAVS) is absent from the list, my HD51 can decode it (OpenATV recognizes the codec).

why AVC is mapped twice, in both 1 and 16?
How is the mapping determined? Is there any command that returns the number instead of the codec name, so I can test further?

OpenPLI 6.2 spinners in E2 restart and shutdown when CIFS drives are mounted

20 June 2018 - 11:28

The title is self explanatory and I know that this is a recurring issue but it appeared recently and it's quite annoying.

I use a MyCloud NAS drive with a folder hdd which I've been using for months as an HDD replacement through CIFS on OpenPLI. The device is mounted normally through the mount manager as a CIFS mount (this is the only way that works for me since NFS does not mount the folder).

So far I never had any problems with it, mount and recordings all went smoothly.
But since a few updates ago I see a great delay when restarting Enigma2 or shutting down. There's an endless spinner before it times out and finally allows restart. This can take up to 3 minutes.

Now I made some tests to see what's happening.
When I restart through telnet with
killall enigma2 ---- spinnners
killall -9 enigma2 --- normal restart, no spinners

When I unmount the drive --- no spinners
When I cut off network --- no spinners

So something must be running that causes this problem, but what is it? I tried a debug through telnet but I don't see what delays the whole thing. Plus the problem occured suddenly, I didn't change anything in my setup.

Is there anything I can do to see exactly what goes on?