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Record one channel - can't watch other channels

16 December 2014 - 09:16


When recording one (coded) channel I can't watch other (coded) channels - only FTA - channels.

OpenPli: 4.0
VU+ Ultimo
2 DVB-S tuners
Two cables to tuners
CCcam 2.3.0
CoolTV Guide
No cardsharing
Smartcard: Canal Digital Nordic (Denmark)

Until resently I was able to record several channels and watch others?
Then the VU+ somehow cleared ll settings (!?) and I reinstalled everything again. And the problem began...

When I go into CCcam PPanel - CCcam Smartcard Info, it shows:
card reader /dev/sci0: No or unknown card inserted
card reader /dev/sci1: No or unknown card inserted

Any help greatly appreciated

Regards Kenneth