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In Topic: Best SatReceiver?

22 August 2019 - 22:15

Ok, I was a little bit worried that I would have to use a Conax module. I read in a forum that there was a guy that had some problems. I think that the problem was something like that the Conax module couldn't decode more than one at the same time, the others have to be decoded later (offline) and very short after because the code will change. I have never had that problem with my dreambox but I have heard about similar problema from other poeple.


The driver problem with VU+ Dou4K. What are they? What is it that isn't working correctly?

In Topic: Best SatReceiver?

22 August 2019 - 19:50

Do I need to buy a Conax CI-module or will my "Canal Digital Nordic" card work in the  Smartcard reader together with oscam softcam as it does in my Dreambox?

In Topic: Best SatReceiver?

21 August 2019 - 18:24

Probably not, it's more if there would be a problem with one Module. In that case is it better to buy another FBC tuner or a Dual DVB-S2 tuner?

In Topic: Best SatReceiver?

17 August 2019 - 00:03

I don't know if I understood correct. All this with FBC is new for me


I'm only interested in S tuners.



"For S, it is a bit different. An FBC S module has 2 root tuners, connected to each of the inputs, and 6 leaf tuners, which are dynamically looped through on one of the root tuner inputs."


Does that mean that 1 FBC module, that have 2 inputs  = 16 (2x 8) tuners ?  and with 2 FBC modules = 32 tuners



"If you have a Unicable setup, all 8 tuners can tune to a different transponder over a single cable (providing your setup can provide 8 SCRs)."


What did you mean with "providing your setup can provide 8 SCRs"



I will buy a new "One cable" LNB with with as many "User bands" as possible.  I know that there are LNB's with 3 outputs,  2x "old type" LNB output + 1 "Sat CR" output with 24 "Userbands"/Channels. 



Using one cable from the Sat CR  output on the LNB and at the other end of the cable (in my living room) I use a 4-way splitter and connect to each of the four inputs on the FBC modules. Two per module.


Is that enough except for the configuration in the box? or do I need some more hardware?



The Sat. Box will probably bee Vu+ Ultimo4K or Duo4K, with 2x FBC DVB-S2x modules.

And if Ultimo4K, possibly a third module, Dual DVB-S2 tuner or a Dual DVB-C/T2 tuner. or dual DVB-T2 tuner (MTSIF).

In Topic: Should you use special AV discs for STB's?

16 August 2019 - 13:43

It was a very good ide to move the hdd discussion to a new STICKY thread.


Thank you so much for the link . It was the first website that have the information about CMR and TMR recordings.



If a ordinary 2.5" hdd is nearly as good as an 2.5" AV hdd as long as both hdd's using CMR recording, then it could also be a little better choice if you by a 2.5" laptop hdd.

All 2.5 hdd's isn't really made for use in a laptop. A laptop hdd doesn't crash if you for any reason happens to move the box during a recording, but a non laptop hdd can chrash if you move the box.


I have learn that the hard way. I bought a 2.5" Seagate Firacuda sshd to my laptop and it didn't last long before the first secors gone bad just bacause I had the laptop in my hands. A laptop hdd don't crash for that reason.