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Best SatReceiver?

1 August 2019 - 20:17

Which one is the best Sat.Receiveer, VU+ Ultimo 4K or VU+ Duo 4K? or are there any other that is better?


VU+ Ultimo has place for a 3.5" hdd, have more memory, has 2 smart readers and 2 CI slots, and it also have place for 3 tuner cards.


VU+ Duo has only one smart reader, no place for a 3.5" hdd but it has a much faster CPU 4x2100MHz while Ultimo only has 4x1500MHz.


But are there any other differencies? Does Ultimo 4K have many features that Uno 4K don't have ?


opkg and ipkg missing

29 September 2018 - 18:53

opkg install and ipkg install are not working.

If i type opkg update in a telnet window I get the following message:


root@dm8000:/var/volatile/tmp# opkg update

 -sh: opkg: not found 


If I try to upgrade the software in the box I got


/usr/bin/enigma2.sh: line 94: opkg not found


bin/sh: opkg not found


I thing that I've by misstake pushed the enter button on the keyboard when I was going to remove a plugin and I only have typed: "opkg remove"  when I happend to touch the enter button and opkg was uninstalled.


Is there a simple way to fix this or do I have to reinstall OpenPLI 6.2 again?


I have a Dreambox HD8000PVR with OpenPLI 6.2



best regards