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DTS sound with iso dvd

16 April 2016 - 17:08


On a vu+ duo2 with the latest openpli image there is no DTS sound when i read an iso dvd file.

The DTS track work fine with a mkv file but not with a dvd iso file.

I try EMC but with the same problem as with the internal video player

I try to download the DVD player plugin but without changing nothing

Of course my amplifier is DTS compatible and the downmix option is on off.

My DUO2 is connected ti the amplifier with HDMI

With my old DM800se and Openpli image it was working fine.

Thank very much for your help

Best regards


Streaming with VU+ Duo2

16 April 2016 - 09:26


First be indulgent with my poor english, i'm french!

I have a VU+ Duo2 with the 2016-04-08 OpenPli image

I have a fiber connection with 70MB UP and 500MB Down

I have a problem with the streaming:

I want for security reasons securise http streams

In local (At home) i can stream witout problems un 8001 and transcode 8002 ports after giving the correct user and password (The sames on 8001 & 8002)

I open 80, 8001 and 8002 ports and redirect them on my VU fixed adress

When i am in an external place i can without problem streaming the transcode stream (8002) after giving the correct user and password but when i want streaming without transcoding on 8001 port, vlc ask me user and password, i give them but vlc loop on asking user and password.

If i remove the security authentification for http streaming it work fine on 8001 and 8002 ports on external place.

I have enough flow to stream but the authentification failed only on external and only with the non-transcoding stream.

I don't have this problem with BlackHole, OpenATV or VTI but i prefer using OpenPli 

Thank you for your help

Merlin EPG Center crash

25 June 2015 - 11:13


First be indulgent with my poor english, i'm a frenchy !

For few months i got a green screen when i try to launch MerlinEpgCenter.

Now i use Cool easy guide as a work around but i prefer MerlinEpgCenter.

Please can you help me in resolution of my problem.

Thanks very much

PS: See attached crashlog file