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Two VU+ Ultimo 4K boxes and problem with update

20 March 2020 - 18:16

When I bought second VU+ Ultimo 4K I was lazy to start new system on it and I simply flashed image from former box because hw configuration is identical. Of course I had to change something (ip, configs, etc). It seems to me that from that time update server recognizes both boxes as one and I can do update only in one box. Where and what I have to change the server can distiguish these boxes as separate ones? Thanks in advance for advice.

VU+ Ultimo 4K with DVB-S2x (45308X FBC), DVB-T2 MTSIF (BCM3466) and DVB-S2 (AVL6222)

24 July 2019 - 12:14

I use VU+ Ultimo 4K from time it appeared on a market with configutation 2x DVB-S2 (45208 FBC) and DVB-T2 (TT3L10). Everything is running as it should with some smaller problems during time.
Now I have bought another VU+ Ultimo 4K with DVB-S2x (45308X FBC), DVB-T2 MTSIF (BCM3466) and DVB-S2 (AVL6222).

I found two problems after flashing OpenPLI 7.1:

1) DVB-T2 MTSIF was recognized and running but after each restart of box both tuners were disabled. I had to enable them all the time. I flashed OpenPLI 7.0 and problem disappeared even if I upgraded back to 7.1. The only one thing which remains is black screen after 2-3 seconds after switching to dvb-t2 channel for several seconds. Later the picture is stable.

2) More serious problem is with DVB-S2 (AVL6222) for universal LNB's in position 3 (old socket type). Tuners are recognized as FBC tuners and they cannot be set correctly. There must be wrong data in tuner configuration.

Can somebody check configuration files, eventually to place here where and what to change DVB-S2 (AVL6222) tuners would run? Thanks in advance.