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Dreambox - Movielist.py?

20 November 2020 - 17:10

I can see that OpenPLI has stopped creating images for Dreambox some time ago, and as far as I can see this was a statement because OpenPLI doesn't agree with Dreambox not supporting open source anymore. I totally agree with this statement, but unfortunately I still keep using Dreambox, simply because I believe it's the best receiver, and I also still want to use OpenPLI, which without doubt has been the best image I've been able to find. So I keep using and old version, which for the most part works fine. Now, there is one point I can't quite understand with this argumentation. In my previous Dreambox images I was able to make little changes by altering the py-files, which contained the source code, and this was then compiled to pyc-files when the Dreambox started. But even in my old OpenPLI 7.2 image, which works just fine on my Dreambox 8000, I cannot find any py-files, which seems rather strange as OpenPLI pronounces its support of open source.


My problem with this is that I would really like to be able to alter the program in use when listing and playing recordings. I'm not sure what that program is called, but it's the one opening when pressing the PVR-button, so my guess is the Movielist.py/pyc? In the latest couple of OpenPLI versions, the Move command has been replaced with a Copy command. And I really miss being able to move movies from one location to another, while Copy is pretty much useless to me. I think I should be able to change this myself, if I could only get hold of the correct py-file.


Anyone who has a copy of an old Movielist.py (or the correct one, if I've guessed the name wrong)?