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In Topic: serviceapp - gstplayer and exteplayer3

9 January 2017 - 18:36

Ian, an user in openatv forum has reported, that on hdmu image epg works fine also in channellist.

In Topic: serviceapp - gstplayer and exteplayer3

9 January 2017 - 09:25

Ian, enigma2 is not one man show. There are other people who know this too, so mx3L do not have to do this if he has no time. Nobody told this and nobody asked for your unneeded answer.

In Topic: serviceapp - gstplayer and exteplayer3

9 January 2017 - 07:52

I installed serviceapp from feed on openatv 5.3 and all streams works fine. 


The Problem in Channel Selection!


1. The EPG in Channel Selection don't show. Only in Infobar and as session.CurrentService.


2. If I have the same channel as SD over SAT, and I put the same reference but with 4097 or 5002, picon and EPG don't show.


With Gstreamer 4097 picon shows up automatically and EPG too.


Which file should I edit to get the EPG and picon automatically with 5002? I don't want to wait for devs from openatv fix this.

In Topic: Picon of running channel in EPGList?

2 January 2017 - 17:28

To be clear, the picon shows up with source="Service". And the problem is not if I open the OSD with the yellow button... The problem is when I'm watching a channel and I open the channel list and then I want to see the EPG from another channel. The the picon shows up from channel I view the EPG and not of the running. 


And I want to have 2 picons on the screen. Of the running and of the EPG viewing channel. I hope I was clear, because of my bad english.


The Problem would be solved, if in EPGlist picon can be showed up with source="session.CurrentService". This is not working now.

In Topic: skyNEW Skin

2 January 2017 - 17:21

And Happy New Year to you too, and thanks anyway for the HD version!