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#641804 skyNEW Skin

Posted by mdshd on 2 January 2017 - 17:21

And Happy New Year to you too, and thanks anyway for the HD version!

#641327 skyNEW Skin

Posted by mdshd on 2 January 2017 - 01:45

Do you have a 1920x1080 version?

#429297 ChannelSelcetion Short Title

Posted by mdshd on 17 June 2014 - 03:12

I ask because i do not se the logic behind this long items. I know it is Channellist, I know it is a bouquet, but what i want to see immediately is the name of the bouquet. Psychologicaly some things are very strange for the eyes in enigma skins and for the brain if you everytime have to search after information and separate them. 


Because I make a skin, and it should be light, as apple do the designs without kitch. Without information which are not needed every time you switch channel, or open the channellist and so on. So I focus by skin of mine psychologicaly to be only with the most important information in the infobar (without orbitalposition, duration, next event epg) there is only current session picon + eventtime + sesseion.event.now at the bottom 70px height so it is not over half of the screen everytime i switch. I want to focus on what is now, and so i want to remove uneeded text to be more compfortable for eyes, brain so you can relax and not to be overforced with 90% information which are not needed in epg or channellist everytime you open or switch. There is also secondinfobar and there is the rest of information. Now and Next epg with full description, orbital and so on. 


Thats why I asked for extra column for EPG or to hide channelname in channelselection and use picon. I don't know how other people do, but logicaly if I open the channellist i'm focusing on the EPG whats now on my favourite channels, the channelname is secondary for me on first focus! But the channelname makes it dificult now to sort the EPG from the channelname because they are together and i should read everytime all text. The brain and eyes are getting after some time switching and zapping tired. 


OpenPLi is for me as iOS in the mobile segment. Stable, professional, all is working, there are not greenscreens and logical functions there is all i need to watch TV or Movies. Unbeliveble good.


And this, what I'm asking for, are only few things for the esthetics which would relax eyes and brain and have more clear list so the brain know where to watch and have not to separate information and text.


I hope you don't understand me in a bad way, this is no critics, i would say recomendations to make openpli more better and more felxible for skinning, to have the chance to make openpli in the esthetic more better.


Now I need for example for the Channellist title 30-50px in height and 300px-500px in width bottom or top. If it were short, I could take the title on left or right side. Now it is not possible, because left or right there is not much place to take so long titles, doesn't matter how I place the list of the channelselection. 


If it were in OpenPLi 4.0 final, it would be great.