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In Topic: [UKsat] Missing EPG - UKsat

1 July 2022 - 07:59


EPG for Quest HD showing that it is not available on Freeview. It is still available on satellite. Is it possible to grab from a different website please?

In Topic: [UKsat] Missing EPG - UKsat

30 June 2022 - 17:27

4Music became E4 Extra.

Boxhits then rebranded into 4music




Current references

4music = 1:0:1:1C29:83B:2:11A0000:0:0:0:

e4 extra = 1:0:1:20A8:808:2:11A0000:0:0:0:

In Topic: Is recording from HDMI in possible on Vu+ Duo 4K?

6 June 2022 - 01:43

I know how to do the recording. The other images also have a function to select the HDMI input and to record it without having to manually add details to the bouquets.


I don't have a problem with recording audio with a Golden Interstar LX3. PLI don't make images for it.

In Topic: Build Script for Openpli Enigma2 on Ubuntu 10.4 32 Bit

3 June 2022 - 00:51

The script on post 1 is missing. Can somebody point out where it is so I don't have to read the whole 100 pages please? Thanks in advance.

In Topic: /etc/enigma2/settings

30 May 2022 - 20:12

Order does not matter. But enigma2 will reorder them (alphabetically if I remember correctly) on save/restart.