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In Topic:4 positions/LNB's in 1 cable to receiver?

31 mei 2023 - 00:21

Just think of it like a diseqc switch. With a diseqc switch, physically, you connect it to a port. In software, (tuner config), you tell it which port to use.

For unicable, you would need programmable LNB and also a programmer unless seller can program them for you. The programming basically assigns it a position number. In tuner config, for programmable LNBs, you can tell it which position the LNB is.

The forum has a sponsor, so check with them first. The programmers are expensive!

In Topic:help with 8.3 settings restore please

30 mei 2023 - 08:43

Why do you think you are in trouble? Which "settings" do you want to restore?

In Topic:Vu+ 4K Multiboot

23 mei 2023 - 22:38

We know that there are no partitions created on the internal flash memory, directories are created. There was no straight forward answer as to whether they are fixed or dynamic sizes. There is no recovery partition,  there is no recovery image. Some image teams advocate not using the main (nigel) image so that you can always have a failsafe image. Other teams counter this idea and say to use it.


One of the other teams had a way to partition the flash memory. This has been discounted. And everybody seems to agree that Vu are not going to do anything either. 


Nobody is forced to use Kexec multiboot. So the people who don't want to use it can continue to use the receiver as they would normally do. Hopefully the ones who do, will get clear and concise information. If it goes belly up, flash by USB. 

In Topic:[UKsat] Missing EPG - UKsat

22 mei 2023 - 00:59

Can you please add these? They are not in the xml file and subsequently no EPG is fetched
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBCAlba.uk">1:0:1:1910:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC ALBA -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBCAlba.uk">1:0:1:192E:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC ALBA -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBC4.uk">1:0:1:190E:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC Four -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBC4.uk">1:0:1:195E:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC Four -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBCNews.nws">1:0:1:1911:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC News -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBCParliament.uk">1:0:1:1912:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC Parliament -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBCScotland.uk">1:0:1:190F:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC Scotland -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBC2.uk">1:0:1:190C:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC Two -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBC2.uk">1:0:1:195C:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC Two -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="BBC2NorthernIreland.uk">1:0:19:18BC:7FD:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- BBC Two Northern Ireland -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="CBBC.uk">1:0:1:192B:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- CBBC -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="CBBC.uk">1:0:1:195F:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- CBBC -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="CBeebies.uk">1:0:1:192C:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Cbeebies -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="CBeebies.uk">1:0:1:1960:7FF:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Cbeebies -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="OireachtasTV.uk">1:0:1:15A5:7DB:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Oireachtas TV -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="SkyCrime.uk">1:0:19:145E:7D3:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Sky Crime -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="SkyWitness.uk">1:0:19:FAA:7E8:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Sky Witness -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="UtsavGold.uk">1:0:1:C6C9:82A:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Utsav Gold -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="UtsavPlus.uk">1:0:1:C6C8:82A:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Utsav Plus -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="VirginMediaFour.ie">1:0:19:13B4:7F2:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Virgin Media Four -->
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="ZeeTV.uk">1:0:19:CF9D:83A:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Zee TV -->
I don't know if you have a grab for this:
Utsav Bharat
I think this is the Star to Utsav name change many months ago. If so, might be
<!-- 28.2E --><channel id="StarBharat.uk">1:0:1:D3C4:829:2:11A0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Star Bharat -->

These are SD versions since most regsions are now in HD. I am not sure which regions they are but they should be showing the "get a HD box" message during lcoal news 18:30 and 13:30
Thanks in advance

In Topic:Inverto Static mode

20 mei 2023 - 21:48

I cant remember exactly where I read this on the Inverto site. From what I can remember:

Static mode allows you to configure each user band on LNB to a transponder on satellite. Every device will then be able access all the transponders without having to specify SCR frequency on every device communicating with the LNB. And also allows more devices to be connected. I don't know whether E2 has been coded to work with an LNB/switch in static mode.