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Xtreme Tv Removal

15 September 2021 - 23:01

Hi Guys


A friend of mine has just picked up a cheap Xtrend ET8500 it has Openpli 8.0 installed.  It also came with Xtreme Tv installed which my friend does not want.  I advised him to use the opkg remove XtreamTV using Telnet.  The app has now been removed, but when selecting Plugins via the menu a error message appears stating that Xtreme Tv could not be found or something similar.


Is there a reference config within the openpli image that can be edited to stop this message ?





Backup Settings Question

2 August 2021 - 15:46

Hi Guys, Hope you can help with this.


I've recently updated an old XP1000 (Maxdigital) receiver from Openpli 4,0 to 8.0 for a friend of mine.  Unfortunately when trying to restore the settings (From a backup) it came up with an error.  I decided to use the Backup Setting from a VU+Duo which I've recently updated to Openpli 8.0.  This worked fine & everything seems to be working great.


The problem is when i log into the XP1000 using Telnet or Putty it shows the receiver as a Vu+Duo.  Is there a config file that i can edit to XP1000 ?  If so where is it located ?