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Cool TV guide or Merlin EPG like for 4K tv ?

11 September 2019 - 20:13


Long ago while I was on Full HD, I was using and loving Cool TV guide, but now I tried it on a 4K TV and Cool TV guide / Merlin EPG windows are very small on the screen (I didn't realized it was so much a big difference between Full HD and 4K).
Is there a way to change the resolution of the plugin from Full HD to 4K (whatever it is Cool TV guide or Merlin EPG) ? Or may be another similar EPG plugin ? 



Openpli 7.1 can't install Osdpositionsetup from opkg list -> install

8 September 2019 - 00:07


I just have installed and configured Openpli 7.1 latest release, and I am trying to install : 

Firstly I tried to search Osdpositionsetup in the Plugins/Plugins->Download, but I haven't seen it, so I decided to install it from telnet, and 

after an Opkg update, I have done a search and found osdpositionsetup :

osdpositionsetup : enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-osdpositionsetup - 2.7+git17632+cb9fac4-r0.0 - systemplugins-osdpositionsetup

I tried then to install it with opkg install but no way, I get an error each  : 
* opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy '-'.
Am I doing something wrong ? 
Thanks for help 
Ps : I tried also with EpGimport (before I see it was in plugins download menu) and I got the same error

Openpli 7.0-rc VuZero - Create an image backup from telnet

10 July 2019 - 01:11


I would want to install Openpli 7.0 (or 7.1) stable version, but before I would like to create a backup image, in case of problem...

I tried to download and install Backupsuite 8.0, and automatic fullbackup 5.6 installation worked with those versions, but not with more recent versions, anyway the backup failed each time with both of them...

On my old Openpli v6 it worked perfectly but on Openpli 7.0-rc it don't work, I get an error : NO MKFS.UBIFS FOUND, ABORTING.

I get almost the same error with Backupsuite and automatic fullbackup ..

Is is possible to solve this error, of to create an image backup with telnet (to reinstall it in case of problem) 


Any idea please ? 



Openpli 7.0-Rc - A lot of plugins missing from plugins download feed

26 March 2019 - 21:10


I am using Openpli v7.0-rc on my old vu-zero, and I notified there is a lot of plugins missing from Plugin->Download menu.

In Plugins Download -> System PLugin, I can see only 3 plugins (Device Manager, Pip service relation, Swap manager)


Mainly, I would like to install CrossEPG or EpGimport, or XMLTV import but can't find any of them on the official feed...


I tried to update feeds from telnet , but the Openpli returned some errors : 



Last login: Tue Mar 26 20:50:44 CET 2019 on pts/0

root@vuzero:~# opkg update
Updated source 'openpli-3rd-party'.
Updated source 'openpli-3rd-party-vuzero'.
wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Updated source 'openpli-picons'.
wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
Collected errors:
 * opkg_download_backend: Failed to download http://downloads.ope...all/Packages.gz, wget returned 1.
 * opkg_download_backend: Failed to download http://downloads.ope...2el/Packages.gz, wget returned 1.
 * opkg_download_backend: Failed to download http://downloads.ope...ero/Packages.gz, wget returned 1.


I tried also to find them with opkg list, but nothing contain EPG in the result...



I would appreciate some help,