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Reinstall from 4.x to 6.2 - "flashes" on screen

27 November 2018 - 20:10

VU SOLO4K, Reinstalled to 6.2 and I got "flash problem". It makes very probably always - online watching, watching recorded files, watching NAS files, watching just paused playing........ sometimes often, sometimes never.

The "flash" looks like one bad frame. I recorded it to my camera then I found that "flash" as some strips - see enclosures.

Does anybody know why it is? Formerly with version 4.0 absolutely no problem...... for sure I checked HDMI cables but no change.....

VU+ SOLO4K - no EMC-KODI-hbbtv plugins, playback wrong function

30 December 2017 - 13:49

Several years I was using OpenPLI, then I switched box to SOLO4K about year ago. From that time I do not have fixed some issues and from discussions I did not get any clue what is the reason and if/when it will be fixed. Shall I expect that all issues are because it is new ARM box and formerly was used MIPS platform?


This is list of issues - top is most important, the lower item the lower importance.....


1. sometimes the frame doesn't get updated when 'jumping' until you un-pause the playback - this makes browsing the recording very uncomfortable : also mentioned here: https://forums.openp...-functionality/ - what is the reason and how to fix it?



2. no function of HbbTV - I was looking in 6.0/6.1RC versions but no hpptv plugin found; according to https://wiki.openpli.org/HbbTV I tried  

opkg install --force-depends enigma2-plugin-extensions-hbbtv 

 but I was not succesful.



3. no EMC (enhanced movie center): I did not find functional plugin.


4. KODI - I suppose this poin is solved as today I found kodi plugin in repository when tested 6.1RC............