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In Topic: Kodi 17.6 krypton plugin problem

18 July 2019 - 09:17

I disagree. I just want to remind everyone that the basis function of these kind of hardware actually is to watch television via satellite, cable or terrestrial. This hardware isn’t a mediaplayer although many people would like it to be. Be happy with the functions that are available and usually are stable. That is our main goal. ;)



no, please, don't start this rant again.

We know there are modern smart-tv and android-boxes but I don't want/need one more device: already my old vuduo2 has more than enough juice for multimedia apps.


There are many other priorities, we know, like the old OE checkouts OpenPLi is based on, the painful enigma2 spaghetti-code, the unmaintained vendor's bsp, etc. etc.

Neverthless we can't just ignore that most of the people who bought (consciously) an enigma2 receiver do NOT just use it for TV but also as a NAS, or a media-player. I do.


The problem is that the extensions/plugins do not work or do not compare at all with the dedicated (xbmc) add-ons.

I imagine the reason behind this (vuplus fault) still we cannot force all the vendors to provide a working browser.


So while I agree many people are tempted by the gray-zone/pirates add-ons I give here my perfectly legal case: the Hbbtv extension does not work here in Italy for italian service providers (RAI on Demand).

The Kodi/KodiLite add-on does instead work.

For my machine I have been told a special kernel is needed for Kodi (different commandline I think btw) but this appears not to be mandatory because KodiLite 5 does indeed work on OpenPLi 7.1 (installed by hand its installer)


Now, what to do?

As OE developer I must have missed the tragedies behind the OE2/OE3 OE-Alliance, OpenPLi splits back in the years.

What I see is there are around the recipes for Kodi in almost any other 'distro' (big word).


Are there any more conceptual taboos?

Is it adviseable/permitted/suggested/accepted to just import the Kodi stuff from oe-alliance to the PLi layers?




In Topic: Kodi 17.6 krypton plugin problem

17 July 2019 - 11:15

It seems the kodi v.18 development for enigma2 has somehow stalled. Even the folks at oe-alliance are at v.17.6.


Honestly after the cross-compilation for mipsel was solved I'd hoped someone would jump in and finish the works but it must not be that easy...




if it's only about add-ons, just try KodiLite on OpenPLi 7.1

I might insist and have Kodi 17.6 working on my vuduo2 on OpenPLi but I'd rather spend the efforts on kodi 18.x.





In Topic: HBBTV doesn’t work on Gigablue UHD Quad 4K

5 July 2019 - 11:09

It looks like there is a new hbbtvplayer around for purE2 images but I could not find the sources (neither did I insist).






In Topic: youtube TV app (new way to watch) picture issue!

3 July 2019 - 09:32

It looks more that broadcom did not (want to) pay youtube for vp9 licenses... so they had to stop vp9 support.

The solution is watch youtube via your smart TV, AppleTV or Google Chrome device. This will 'always' work without hacking and ton times per year adapting youtube plugin when youtube make changes to their security stuff...


Doh, I naively thought it was royalty-free (thus preferred to say H.265 / HEVC)





Note the enigma2 youtube plugin does display videos of Youtube...simple enough.

Or you can install kodilite on OpenPLi and use the addons.


Anyway, for the initial poster info, iirc last drivers working with Youtube-App where at the 6.0-rc epoch.

Somehow, very seldom, the Youtube-App videos do play...I can't say why...normally you only see one frame on the fb when exiting the app.




In Topic: youtube TV app (new way to watch) picture issue!

2 July 2019 - 12:20

No clue what happened, the only thing we know is that the current version of the SDK no longer supports it, so new drivers will no longer have that support.


We don't have access to the SDK or contact with Broadcom, that is all under very heavy NDA.


And I doubt VU+ ever looks at that github account, they don't use it for development, it only contains the BSP they make for us.

Ah, ok, the typical story-ending with closed-source drivers....they get unmaintained, then obsoleted and finally bitrot comes. Sadly.

About vuplus. I have no words anymore...just very little hopes.