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here the strace of kodi in  OpenPLi and OpenSPA (working). The problem is in OpenPLi Gles_Init does not start.

I am even using the very same OE-A kernel but the rest is abit different so are the locale and timezone accesses.

What base-differences do other distros have? Maybe these dvb-proxy drivers need some kind of servers/configuration in userland?


I did not add yet bluetooth and pulseaudio because that would be a distro change and I have read in the sources these are kodi's optional configuration options.

Besides, apparently the same kodi recipe runs on other models so the runtime deps should be there.


Long read...



OpenPLi  https://pastebin.com/L9TtpDBM


OpenSPA https://pastebin.com/Fw3pichZ



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18 September 2020 - 22:14


yes, strace, valgrind, gdb.

It always goes crazy in libc_init/mips_start -> SIGBUS at unknow addresses.


Anyway I did some progress because adding dependencies on

glib-2.0 \
gstreamer1.0 \
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base \


i get now Segmentation Fault SIGSEGV :)

I'll work on it this weekend in the free-time, I'll check the platforms again




P.S. it's 1GB unstripped...

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15 September 2020 - 09:44

I am now building an hybrid using kernel and kodi + tools recipes of OE-A in the OpenPLi image but getting the same sigbus error.


I have now to verify other buses:

- audio (there is only alsa but kodi config looks for sndio and pulseaudio as well)

- video (maybe I must really install libvugles ?? DESCRIPTION = "shared library for E2 animation")


The launcher itself differs a bit (/usr/bin/kodi) and the one in OpenPLi doesn't look at the hdd.


I'll spend a bit more work on it.


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4 September 2020 - 13:48

Yeah, but this could be good news...no other software has such issues on mipsel in develop branch (SIGBUS).


I am now ending up with the conclusion that the binary is probably miscompiled/badly linked and one OE-A commit hints at this [1]


But it is not only this: some kodi dependencies in /recipes-support (fmt, libnfs, flatbuffers) are different/are patched  in OE-A which is known as 'working example'.

So I am following this and also adapting 'our' recipe adding the packageconfig bits and the block of DISABLE_INTERNAL options (and more). I just need to add pulseadio now.


Recently I found an interesting fork of meta-kodi with a supposed 'fix' for kodi [2] which makes me doubt of fmt. Note that in this fork the 'multilib/fixes' of 'captain' are ignored by the upgrades...

Ah, upgrading to fmt > 4.0 makes the kodi builddir over 13GB...doh! Something was ignored? Something is double?


This period is for me very busy but I plan to continue testings on weekend, hoping that someone jumps in to help.





[1] https://github.com/o...3af707386e3cad2

[2] https://github.com/d...ae4483ac39678a1

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22 August 2020 - 10:32



note that it is  I Menu'   and not  I Men├╣

So the problem is maybe the quote/apostrophe ?





P.S. maybe the decoder refuses to show such trash...