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OpenEmbedded toolchain for OpenPLi7 3.x kernels

13 December 2018 - 16:08



as OE developer and maintainer I normally do my various builds with bleeding-edge oe-core master.

I have tried for fun to add the vuplus layer and have immediately verified that the kernel 3.13 does not build with gcc8 (it's not just compiler-gcc8.h).


Unfortunately the build for mipsel fails with gcc7 as well, I think older binutils are needed.

Before doing further tests I am asking here if someone is already building these 3.x kernels with recent oe-core.





P.S. I still have an old Ubuntu 12.04 with OE configured to build this older stuff

openpli-7.0-rc feeds update 2018-11-21

21 November 2018 - 15:22


I did flash latest image for vuduo2 dated november 21 and after that I have seen 159 or more packages updating.

Briefly scrubbing the logs, I got the impression the packages have just changed name...like lost the PR.


i.e.  pkgX_1.0-r2    ->  pkgX_1.0


Now, this happended long long ago in OpenEmbedded, is it just an effect of the OpenPLi's catching up with oe-core ?

It was late past 1 o' clock, I'll recheck later on.




openpli 7.0-rc: vuduo2 hbbtv italian Rai Play issues

20 November 2018 - 00:10



testing the 7.0-rc I see that hbbtv works fine with i.e. ArteHD and french channels.

Here in Italy however I have issues with the hbbtv of RAI channels: all is snappy and fine but the video is not shown 'not available'.




Restricted to Italian clients, since last year a login is required for pc and mobile devices. The TV app does not require login (apparently).

Unfortunately in the hbbtv app there isn't any login menu as on web or pc...

So I did like on PC and visited the URL with vuplus opera browser. Boys, it is slow as hell and finally the login cookie is not seen by the hbbtv app...


I fear this is again an issue that only vuplus can fix :/





openpli-7.0-rc-vuduo2-20181116 corrupted kodi package

19 November 2018 - 11:13



I am testing the rc and have seen an odd issue while installing kodi on vuduo2: opkg comp'lains the package is corruptded.

I downloaded and installed it by hand w/o warnings but still kodi-launcher does not launch it...


I briefly checked the size and md5sum do indeed mismatch.

Please refresh the feeds (package-index).