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#569445 TBS 5925

Posted by el bandido on 2 August 2016 - 17:44

Guys, could you please name boxes which have been tested with TBS 5925 and proved to do ACM, VCM, MIS as well as 16APSK and 32APSK.

Thank you.

Add Edision OS Mini to my post# 207. This is a  New receiver for me, and the test results for TBS5925 are the same as my other Vu+ receivers.

#563072 TBS 5925

Posted by el bandido on 19 July 2016 - 12:52

Location = United States
Receiver(s) = Vu+ Duo2, Vu+ Zero
ACM = Yes
VCM = Unknown (unable to test)
MIS = Unknown (unable to test)
16APSK = Yes
32APSK = Yes

Cannot find a 32APSK tv channel to test. I would probably need a dish over 5 meters in diameter to get a 32APSK tv channel. 32APSK is confirmed using other sources such as data transponders.