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#419945 Transcoding problem

Posted by stick50jr on 28 April 2014 - 04:16

root@Ultimo:~# uptime

 06:21:10 up 21 days, 14:06,  1 user,  load average: 0.22, 0.19, 0.14

In use or just sitting there, doing nothing?

Can you please send me the output of
"opkg list_installed"
by PN?

BTW: Since day one, I have already replaced the "original" Samsung Desktop-HDD with a Western Digital AV-optimized harddisk, added a third tuner, moved that new third tuner to tuner slot B when I later replaced the third tuner with a twin-tuner, tried ext2, ext3, ext4, xfs file systems, tried to move the timeshift buffer to USB, moved the smartcards from the box to my router, replaced oscam with an "I can do nothing but be a client" and so on and so on.

I can exclude hardware or thermical problems:
The box works like a charm for some hours after rebooting but behaves like a bitch again after max. 24h. As it is booting from hot to hot it won't cool down that much during reboot that it wouldn't behave like a bitch again after a much shorter time.

Misbehaviour also varies greatly:
When watching mkv/mp4/avi/mpg from server,
- picture stands still, sound continies
- video continues, sound is muted
- giant artefacts
especially after pausing and resuming playback.

Sometimes jumping back and forward recovers, but most times doesn't help. Video plays back just great after reboot, even after pausing/resuming a zillion times.

Watching timeshifted TV, I more or less frequently get more or less giant artefacts. They are not inside the stream, jumping back 1 minute plays the same part just fine. This is a known problem of the Ultimo.

I can easily let the box run 300 days without rebooting it. It just is a pain in the ass to watch anything after max. 24h.

Using identical Plugins & Co. on a friends Duo┬▓ doesn't produce ANY problems.

But we (I) are becoming off topic. I was talking about known but unfixed bugs in OpenPLi components which can easily be reproduced on any box, not my specific problems with my box/model of which I actually know they do not occur on other models but with any image on (my) Ultimo.

Have you tried using the cacheflush plugin... I used to have your symptoms with my Duo until I started using this, and now I don't need to reboot very often (usually each week when I update the image).

#416188 Movie selection: sort order - improvement

Posted by stick50jr on 8 April 2014 - 11:48

Really i tried,.. And really not my thing... And really noticible slower by fact... And possibly some do not notice it...


The other option for OpenPLi would be to simplify the sort options.  It seems ridiculous to have so many sort options...  surely no one needs all these options.  If there were only two sorts enabled then you toggle between them with a short (normal for OpenPLi) fast reaction button press.  OpenPLi prides itself in not having any unnecessary bells & whistles... but has this silly situation with six separate sorts that have to be rotated through.


Certainly, for those who can cope with long buttons, the problem of too many bells & whistles can be escaped with the extra button functions.


I recommend that OpenPLi simplify their sort options to match their simpler button system (ie either reduce the sort options or via configuration select only two sorts available for toggling with the blue button).

#415874 Movie selection: sort order - improvement

Posted by stick50jr on 6 April 2014 - 13:00

Stil there short is based on the break of the key... You see this clearly in their code and this is logical as there no way to work a round this... So you loose reaction time which is simply a fact...

But it is a feature that allows that evey button can get two options... (Like a shift button)...

Reaction time maybe lost, but I reckon I can beat you to the draw with you doing 5 x 'short blues' versus my 1 x 'long blue'.  Anyhow, I see that this is now available on other images, so I shouldn't hassle you guys who don't want it. :) 

#415672 Movie selection: sort order - improvement

Posted by stick50jr on 5 April 2014 - 01:46

When it will be still as it is, we both will be satisfied. You have P+/P- and I have most used sorts together. Believe me, that although your notice seems as relevant, in practice is better this sequences as is. :)  Littlesat wants not next configurable items.


Perhaps we should have a 'long blue' to either return to default sort or return to previous sort.  At the moment I like the 3-2-1 sort but occasionally do the next sort (AZ).  However, then I want to return to 3-2-1 which is five presses of the 'short blue' button...  A 'long blue' would be convenient and would not change other functions.


def do_sort(self):
		index = 0
		for index, item in enumerate(l_moviesort):
			if int(item[0]) == int(config.movielist.moviesort.value):
		if index >= len(l_moviesort) - 1:
			index = 0
			index += 1

I guess it would involve defining a new function 'previous_sort(self)' and associating it with a 'long blue' keypress?

#384359 CrossEPG vs xmltvimport

Posted by stick50jr on 2 November 2013 - 02:07

This is to tell us that it's "being worked on", as it were, if I understood correctly - not that it has been done yet...


Vix build 775 has it embedded... this is still a 'beta' image but the new crossEPG works fine for me (Australian Optus C1 satellite at 156E).


So it seems it is done.  Not able to test your previous problems with crossEPG.

#251886 New driver again

Posted by stick50jr on 4 February 2012 - 03:40

Dmx driver? That means demux driver? I am curious what that will do and if we can see something different

This update has been a massive improvement in the stability of my usb dvb-t tuner. It used to fall over after a few hours on a terrestrial channel (and after only a few minutes if you tried channel surfing with the <channel +> and <channel -> buttons). I've got a model A825 Avermedia Twinstar usb dual terrestrial tuner (af9035 based).

If you don't have usb tuners then I'm not sure whether there will be any noticeable improvement with this upgrade... but it shouldn't harm?