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In Topic: UP/DOWNLINK, jaargang 11, nummer 8, 17 april 2021

Today, 16:42

En uiteraard ook weer bedankt van mij. Altijd leuk dit leesvoer. :)

In Topic: Fallbacktuner read userbouquet error

Yesterday, 16:27

If you’re looking for a simple fast receiver without any guarantee that it still works with M7 (no CI) you could spend € 79,- or less for a Multibox or a Multibox SE.

In Topic: Fallbacktuner read userbouquet error

Yesterday, 14:38

You could follow my advice. You won’t break anything. I guess you made a type regarding the year (2012). 

In Topic: Fallbacktuner read userbouquet error

Yesterday, 14:22

What image was the last working image?

I once had kind of an equal issue with a Zgemma Star 2S. Wasn’t able to flash any OpenPLi image and was about the throw it in the dustbin.

As a last attempt I tried to flash some alternative images. After having tried I tried to flash OpenATV. I didn’t perform the full backup. After this I tried to flash OpenPLi again and the miracle happened. I was able to flash any alternative image but logically I just flashed OpenPLi. 
Don’t ask what might be the cause of the issue nor what might have solved it but that box is still running on OpenPLi. :)

In Topic: GigaBlue UE 4K (Cable+Sat) geen weergave signaalsterkte

15 April 2021 - 17:56

Hier de screenshots van de laatste Release. Geen probleem met zowel kabel als satelliet. Beiden geven een signaalwaarde.

Dit betrof een vers geïnstalleerde Release.