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In Topic: No epg.dat file created

Today, 16:29

E-channelizer is doing semi-automatic what I did here manually.

However it E-channelizer is not 100% succesfull.  Some tweaks are needed.


You probably ran into one of the problems.

In Topic: (Ex YU) No EPG

Today, 12:53

OK.  Fixed.

In Topic: Is it possible to compress recorded movies ?

Today, 07:51

This audio thing could be to the receiver and the transcoding chip into it.  (I am using a Mutant HD2400)


If you got audio, fine.


With transcoding you always lose secondary streams and subtitles.  It is maybe possible, but I do not know the parameters you have to pass to the transcoding stream to enable this.

Maybe some-else knows?


PS: My first try was also in Cygwin, but I stopped it.

The second test was done in a command box on my windows machine.

In Topic: No epg.dat file created

Today, 07:46



In your echannelizer source file you define this:




But you did not provide this file.

The I can see you use the rytec.sources.


Instead your provided the file EPG_Provider Name.xml which the same structure as the needed channels file (rytec.epg.xml)

However these do not link to the rytec channel_id's for epg.


<channel id="1785.honeybee.it">  is no rytec reference.

Some assignments have gone wrong.

The service reference assignments seem to have gone correct.

4097:0:1:2:0:0:0:0:0:0: is the service ref in both the userbouquet file as in the channels file for SVT1


I have modified the channels file.  I am not going to do it for a larger number of channels though.  That is up to you.

The result is attached.


Copy this file to your receiver in /etc/epgimport/


If you have already a custom.channels.xml file in this folder.  Copy the contents of the attached file to the list in your file.





In Topic: Is it possible to compress recorded movies ?

Yesterday, 17:34

VLC.  Did not try on the receiver.

(Not that I ever want to use this,  I was just intrigued by the method.)