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Out of action

16 October 2019 - 07:01

Yesterday evening, I have broken my right arm.

Typing with only my left is a nightmare.


The collection of EPG will not be hampered.  This is  automatic.

However large edits are difficult.



Streaming to an enigma2 receiver

6 October 2019 - 09:34

We are confronted these days with increasing amount of streaming services.

BBCi player, Netflix, VRT Nu, VTM go, NLziet, ITVplayer,  etc. etc.


All work on a phone, tablet or even on a PC.  However when you want to watch the stuff on your TV screen, there tons of hurdles to overcome.  Like using the provider own castrated hardware.  In several streaming services you can use Chromecast.  Which also has its problems, but at least it works most of the times.


I would like to see that these streaming providers could be watched on TV via our enigma2 receivers.

Some TV's have this already built in, but you are relying on the continued support of the manufacturer to keep this working.  This support is mostly 2 years after which updates seizes.


One solution would be to install a maintained browser on the enigma2 machines.  The modern 4K models have a processor which is fast enough to run a browser.

There is the OpenOpera for enigma2, but that is not maintained anymore, and consequently does not play most of the steaming stuff anymore.

So a version of Chrome or Firefox for enigma2 would be welcomed.

The problem of navigation with the remote control can be circumvented by added a wireless keyboard and mouse to the receiver.

However providing a enigma2 version of Chrome or Firefox is maybe asking too much.


Another solution is a plug-in in enigma2, which takes the role of Chromecast.  So you use your phone or tablet to select what you want to see.  And cast the stream to the Chromecast inside your enigma2 receiver, instead of a a real Chromecast.
This is probably not realistic, because you run into problems with DRM rights, which cannot easily be implemented.


As an alternative to Chromecast, maybe there can be looked at AnyCast/MiraCast which cast the screen of your phone or tablet to your receiver.  The advantage is, no problems with DRM rights.  These are handled by the app on phone/tablet.
The disadvantage is that phone/tablet has to remain powered up.  Pause the phone/tablet = no streaming.


Any further thoughts about this?




4 October 2019 - 10:24

Today I received the following from my ISP:


Maintenance is planned on one of our core routers in order to improve the performance and the quality of our services.

This maintenance will cause a short interruption (up to 30 minutes) of your connection. If you experience a longer downtime, please reboot your modem/router,


Please find all details below:


Start*:  2019-10-08 04:00
End*:  2019-10-08 06:00
Duration:  potential impact: up to 30 minutes
Impacted services:  All internet services


So expect a disturbance on the Update on that date.

the update will be later on 08/10/2019




1 October 2019 - 12:40

If you want to try building your own EPG you can use:


1. Download Webgrab++ and install



The program can be run on Windows and Linux.


2. Find SiteIni's to use:


My own Github:


This Github contains almost every SiteIni used to build the Rytec EPG


Or the WG++ Github:



The Github of doglover does not contain encrypted SiteIni's, whereas the WG++ also contain encrypted SiteIni's (with password)



Ondertiteling via TT888 op Vier loopt fout

27 September 2019 - 15:12

Het probleem doet zich bij bv. Gert Late Night., Komen Eten
Dat programma begint met een grote T888 in beeld.  Er zijn dus Teletekst ondertitels.


Nog maar eens zeggen dat de ondertitels die in het beeld gecodeerd zijn, prima zijn.  (deze programma's gebruiken een combinatie van ingecodeerde ondertitels en TT888 ondertitels


Het gaat over de ondertiteling die via TT-888 uitgezonden wordt.  Deze komen hopeloos te laat.  Ik heb verschillen gezien tussen de 17 seconden en 2 minuten te laat.  Vandaag was het eerder 2 minuten.

PS:  Op live-tv worden er geen TT ondertitels mee gezonden.  Je kunt dus hier niets controleren.
Het probleem doet zich voor op de versie die via de satelliet wordt uitgezonden.

Ik kan natuurlijk niet bepalen wat deze fout veroorzaakt.  Ik kan alleen vaststellen dat de TT ondertiteling gewoon niet bruikbaar is.


Na klagen bij TVV over deze fout komen ze plotseling met mededeling dat het aan mijn ontvanger moet liggen.

Dit lijkt mij sterk daar op Eén, Canvas, VTM, BBC1/2, ITV1/2/3/4, Home, Pick, Channel 4 en zelfs Nederlandse ondertiteling op TV5MondeEurope de TT ondertitels prima zijn.


Maar voor de zekerheid wil ik toch eens navragen hier, of dit zou kunnen liggen aan de ontvanger/software.


Mijn ontvangers:


Merk & model:  Mut@nt HD2400
Chipset:  Broadcom 7425
Totaal geheugen:  938392 kB vrij / 1119880 kB totaal
Box Uptime:  10:17
Systeem OE:  PLi-OE
Firmware versie:  OpenPLi 7.1-release (2019-07-15-release-7.1)
Kernel versie / stuurprogramma datum:  4.10.12 / 4.10.12+20180424-r0.0


Zgemma Star series
Chipset:  Broadcom 7358
Totaal geheugen:  102008 kB vrij / 233756 kB totaal
Box Uptime:  2:37
Systeem OE:  PLi-OE
Firmware versie:  OpenPLi 7.1-release (2019-08-22-release-7.1)
Kernel versie / stuurprogramma datum:  4.10.12 / 4.10.12-20180830-r0.0


De fout is dezelfde op beide ontvangers.




PS: dit reeds 5 maal bij Vier aangeklaagd.  Maar nog steeds geen antwoord ontvange