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Owif function loadepg

7 April 2021 - 08:18

In the past i was using the Owif function:


to load the epg.dat file.


But in the Owif of the develop OpenPLi this does not seem to work anymore.


Is there anything changed?
Is the function removed?


Checked the location and presence of the epg.dat.  This looked OK. (present and a correct file)

Fallbacktuner read userbouquet error

6 April 2021 - 14:44

When using Fastscan on the server receiver for TélésatBelgium an userbouquet with the name:  userbouquet.TéléSATBelgium.tv

is written.


This is all fine.


However when now on the fallback receiver the bouquet are automatically transferred, there is an error as the userbouquet.TéléSATBelgium.tv cannot be transferred.

An error is displayed.


Changing the name to:




by replacing the é by e and everything is correct.


Could this be looked at?



Server receiver OpenPLi 7.3 - HD2400

Fallbackreceiver:  OpenPLI develop - Zgemma Star S  (2021-03-24-develop)

Request for change to EPGimport

14 March 2021 - 09:29

EPGimport has the option of excluding channels from the import of EPG.

This is done by copying the Service Ref to the file ignore.conf in /etc/epgimport.


By doing so.  This channel will not have EPG imported.


There is however a different situation where you do not want EPG imported.

f.i. this is defined in the channels file:

<!-- DK --> <!-- 0.8W --> <channel id=" DiscoveryHD.dk "> 1:0:19:1006:29:46:E080000:0:0:0: </channel><!--  Discovery HD Showcase  -->
<!-- FI --> <!-- 0.8W --> <channel id=" DiscoveryHD.fi "> 1:0:19:1006:29:46:E080000:0:0:0: </channel><!--  Discovery HD Showcase  -->
<!-- HRV --> <!-- 0.8W --> <channel id=" DiscoveryHDShowcase.rs "> 1:0:19:1006:29:46:E080000:0:0:0: </channel><!--  Discovery HD Showcase  -->
<!-- HU --> <!-- 0.8W --> <channel id=" DiscoveryHDShowcase.hu "> 1:0:19:1006:29:46:E080000:0:0:0: </channel><!--  Discovery HD Showcase  -->
<!-- NO --> <!-- 0.8W --> <channel id=" DiscoveryChannel.no "> 1:0:19:1006:29:46:E080000:0:0:0: </channel><!--  Discovery HD Showcase  -->
<!-- SE --> <!-- 0.8W --> <channel id=" DiscoveryHDshowcase.se "> 1:0:19:1006:29:46:E080000:0:0:0: </channel><!--  Discovery HD Showcase  -->
<!-- SVN --> <!-- 0.8W --> <channel id=" DiscoveryHD.svn "> 1:0:19:1006:29:46:E080000:0:0:0: </channel><!--  HD Discovery Shovcase  -->

All the same service ref, but different language EPG attached.

You can avoid this problem not to import the files which contain this conflicting EPG.


I would ask if it is possible to program into the EPGimport plug-in a simular filter as above, but in which you define that you do not want.f.i.


to be imported.  So ignoring this list when importing EPG.

And only import  DiscoveryChannel.no.  This being the only one not listed in the ignore list.


I think it is enough that the list is manually added.  No software has to be written, to create the list.

serviceapp end extplayer3 op PLI8.0 werkt niet

18 January 2021 - 18:52

De serviceapp en extplayer3 werken niet op pli8.0
De streams (TVL, TV-oost en atv) werken niet meer op pli8.0 Op mijn andere receiver welke pli7.3 heeft werken dezelfde streams normaal.

Is dit bekend?
Wat kan ik doen?
(Behalve terug gaan naar pli 7.3)

BBC-entertainment DVB subtitle storing

15 December 2020 - 13:45

De DVB ondertiteling van BBC-entertainment is recent aangepast.


Als je nu in de opties voor de DVB-ondertiteling de ondertitels wilt centreren, althans als je deze optie aanzet, want de ondertitels zelf zijn al gecentreerd, dan wordt de onderste lijn gestoord weergegeven.


Indien je deze optie afzet dan worden de ondertitels goed weer gegegeven.


E.e.a. is geillustreerd in de bijgevoegde screenshots.


Attached File  1_0_16_17D1_C82_3_EB0000_0_0_0_20201215133847.jpg   292.51KB   9 downloads

Attached File  1_0_16_17D1_C82_3_EB0000_0_0_0_20201215134007.jpg   267.06KB   8 downloads

Attached File  1_0_16_17D1_C82_3_EB0000_0_0_0_20201215134033.jpg   241.48KB   8 downloads


PS: Ik ga natuurlijk te horen krijgen dat ik eerst moet updaten - dit is nl op een 7.1 image.  Maar ik veronderstel dat het in de meest recente image niet anders is.  Althans in 7.3 is dit effect ook te bewonderen.