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#1182476 [Poland] Complex changes

Posted by doglover on 30 March 2020 - 06:39

Server is repaired. 




PS:  In your script download the file LastUpdate.txt.
This file should contain today's or yesterday's date.  If not, the server is outdated.



#1182112 [Poland] Complex changes

Posted by doglover on 29 March 2020 - 12:12

I noticed some channels having gaps, especially in the morning: CanalplusSport3.pl, CanalplusSport4.pl, Canalplus4K.pl, PolsatGames.pl.

Canalplus4K.pl has also epg shifted up by 1 hour - this happend prior to time change so must be something with grabber or schedule source.


I see I havbe this warning:


[  Debug ] multiple entry of a show at 20200401124000 +0200
[  Debug ] multiple entry of a show at 20200402162500 +0200


And indeed there shows listed with the same start time.  This will play havoc with the grabbed schedule.

#1182064 [Poland] Complex changes

Posted by doglover on 29 March 2020 - 10:49

In addition to above entire epg is available only for next 2 days- not updated since 24th of March on www.xmltvepg.nl source. Is it switched off?


It is not switched off by my knowledge.

I will contact the webmaster.

However it should not be a problem, if this website is not updated.  Any website with info older than 2 days will be automatically skipped.



#1173784 RyTec XMLTV inport

Posted by doglover on 7 March 2020 - 08:54

Weet niet zeker of dit nu in dit forum of in de Rytec afdeling thuishoort. Mocht dit niet de juiste plek zijn aub verschuiven.

Sinds een paar dagen werkt bij mij de EPG-import van Rytec niet meer. Ik gebruik OpenPli 7.2 van 2 maart op een VU+ DUO4k. Als ik 'm handmatig start komen er 0 events binnen.

Om eventuele fouten in mijn software uit te sluiten, opnieuw geflasht met enkel Oscam, EPG-import en Rytec: zelfde resultaat, geen EPG, 0 events.

Daarna eens een oudere OpenPli (17 februari) erop gezet en.. jawel: alles komt weer mooi binnen.

Hebben hier meer mensen last van?

Opnieuw flashen was zeker niet nodig.

De rytec.channels.xml file was een verkeerde versie (corrupte file).  Na het vaststellen van het probleem heb ik het Donderdag verholpen rond 13h30.

Indien U na 13h30 geimporteerd hebt, had U de nieuwe file te pakken.  Dit werkte echter alleen maar als je de receiver herstart had.  (soms is zelfs een cold reboot nodig).

Door te flashen had U Uw receiver herstart en kon de correcte file gedownload worden.



Bij EPGimport zijn 2 files nodig.  De channels file en de XMLTV file.  De channels file bevat de links tussen de kanalen en de EPG.  De XMLTV file bevat de EPG.
De channels file word slechts éénmaal per dag gedownload.  Indien dit nu een corrupte file betroft zoals Donderdag, zat deze in al in het geheugen als U reeds EPG geïmporteerd had, en vaststelde dat er niets geïmporteerd was.  Opnieuw importeren had dan geen zin daar de corrupte channels file opnieuw gebruikt werd.
Om dit te overriden - en de channels file opnieuw te downloaden - moet je enigma2 even herstarten.  Maar ik heb vastgesteld dat zoms een cold reboot nodig is.



#1145205 Please add new channel to Slovenia package

Posted by doglover on 29 December 2019 - 13:55



Found this in the log:

[  Info  ] (  32/86  ) SBB.RS.INDEX-ONLY -- chan. (xmltv_id=Pink2.hr) -- mode Incremental
[        ] Job finished at 29/12/2019 03:39:20 done in 1m 39s
[Critical] Unhandled Exception
String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
  at WGconsole.Program.ConsoleApplication (System.String[] args) [0x01cfa] in <8a6f3cb15bb247bda72da97ae72b1bb3>:0
  at WGconsole.Program.Main (System.String[] args) [0x00016] in <8a6f3cb15bb247bda72da97ae72b1bb3>:0
[Critical] For detailed info, see log file /home/willy/EPG/WG5/WebGrab++.log.txt
[Critical] Execution stopped

Will correct it and upload a new file.



#1139804 [Poland] Complex changes

Posted by doglover on 18 December 2019 - 00:13

Changed the grab again to pl.canalplus.com



#1128284 [Poland] Complex changes

Posted by doglover on 21 November 2019 - 09:14

All downloaded from the same website. (pl.canalplus.com)

The schedule seems to have disappeared from the website.  Correct me if I am wrong.


Used another grab site.



#1114452 Out of action

Posted by doglover on 16 October 2019 - 07:01

Yesterday evening, I have broken my right arm.

Typing with only my left is a nightmare.


The collection of EPG will not be hampered.  This is  automatic.

However large edits are difficult.



#1105545 [Belgium-Netherlands]

Posted by doglover on 23 September 2019 - 07:22

Grabber repaired (change on the website)

New schedule is uploaded.



#1102241 Missing EPG on Scandinavian channels

Posted by doglover on 14 September 2019 - 14:25

Channels file corrected.

The service ref was present, but linked to a now not existing anymore EPGref.



#1098082 Italian EPG - Sky

Posted by doglover on 4 September 2019 - 10:30

The last couple of weeks I am struggling with the EPG for the Italian Sky channels.

The RAI, Tivu and Mediaset channels are OK.  But the Sky channels (except the movie channels) pose a problem.


The published EPG for the Sky channels seemed to come all from the same source.  They all have the same descriptions, and other peculiatities in common.

It looks like this source (probably Sky itself)  is going off-line, comes back a few minutes later.   This happens all through the day.

The same can be observed when using the OpenTV reader on the sat itself.  Sometimes no EPG is present, while 15 minutes later there is a full set of EPG present.


It is really annoying.  I have to check the grab each morning, and when too much channels are not collected, I simply restart the grab and most of the times it is OK then.  However sometimes, I have to restart it again 15 minutes later.

The same happens when collecting EPG with the OpenTV reader.


f.i. this morning the update for Italian Sky was updated at 10h15 (GMT+2).

Please take this into account when updating the Italian channels.



#1096934 [Spain] Changes in Spanish channels

Posted by doglover on 31 August 2019 - 07:39

OK.  Done.



#1096818 [Spain] Changes in Spanish channels

Posted by doglover on 30 August 2019 - 17:44

<!-- PT --> <!-- 30.0W --> <channel id=" Cubavision.pt "> 1:0:1:834:6:6:CE40000:0:0:0: </channel><!--  CUBAVISION  -->

Added.  Also a grab for it, since a grab was not even existing.

So I wonder where your mix-up came from.  Left the EIT and MHW EPG on?


However, the Portugese grab will you do no good:


On mag.sapo.pt I got this

<programme start="20190901210000 +0100" stop="20190902010000 +0100" channel="Cubavision.pt">
    <title lang="pt">CUBAVISION</title>
    <desc lang="pt">CUBAVISION.</desc>

On NOS.pt this is given:

<programme start="20190831000000 +0100" stop="20190831080000 +0100" channel="Cubavisión Internacional">
    <title lang="pt">Informação Não Disponibilizada Pelo Canal</title>
    <sub-title lang="pt">[entretenimento]</sub-title>

I understand enough Portugese, to get the picture.


But this will not resolve the mixing of the Spanish and Portugese schedules.  It is the same service ref.  So if you import both the Spanish and Portugese files, you still will get the mix-up


VH1Classic.eu - grab removed from the Portugese file.

The correct schedule is in the General - Misc file.



#1087037 [Italy-Italia] Changelog :)

Posted by doglover on 29 July 2019 - 12:46

National Geographic on 5W, DTT and 13E presents a wrong programming, it seems an hour in advance, but I'm not sure.




The schedules on movietele and guidasky both the HD version and and the DTT are from what I can see the same.

I am grabbing the movietele version.  So....


FOX on DTT and 5W

they have a different programming than fox hd on hotbird, , the right one is that of hotbird




The channels are linked to the same schedule (taken from movietele).  But when I check it with the schedule on guidasky it is the same schedule.
So, I do not know what I can change.

Line 7698: <!-- DVB-T --><channel id="Fox.it">1:0:1:143E:3B6:110:EEEE0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Fox -->
Line 8049: <!-- 13.0E --><channel id="Fox.it">1:0:19:379D:14B4:FBFF:820000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Fox HD -->
Line 8050: <!-- 13.0E --><channel id="Fox.it">1:0:19:37A6:14B4:FBFF:820000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Fox HD -->
Line 8132: <!-- 5.0W --><channel id="Fox.it">1:0:1:143E:3B6:110:DDE0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Fox -->


Mediaset extra 2 - 1:0:1:1E:7918:217C:EEEE0000:0:0:0   -   1:0:1:1E:7918:217C:DDE0000:0:0:0

It has the same programming as

Mediaset Extra - 1:0:1:9:1770:110:820000:0:0:0



Channels linked to the MediasetExtra.it schedule




PS: I will rerun the Italian grab again.  Maybe there was something wrong on the websites before.

#1074531 [Erotic]

Posted by doglover on 27 June 2019 - 14:28

It looks that way.