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#1087037 [Italy-Italia] Changelog :)

Posted by doglover on 29 July 2019 - 12:46

National Geographic on 5W, DTT and 13E presents a wrong programming, it seems an hour in advance, but I'm not sure.




The schedules on movietele and guidasky both the HD version and and the DTT are from what I can see the same.

I am grabbing the movietele version.  So....


FOX on DTT and 5W

they have a different programming than fox hd on hotbird, , the right one is that of hotbird




The channels are linked to the same schedule (taken from movietele).  But when I check it with the schedule on guidasky it is the same schedule.
So, I do not know what I can change.

Line 7698: <!-- DVB-T --><channel id="Fox.it">1:0:1:143E:3B6:110:EEEE0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Fox -->
Line 8049: <!-- 13.0E --><channel id="Fox.it">1:0:19:379D:14B4:FBFF:820000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Fox HD -->
Line 8050: <!-- 13.0E --><channel id="Fox.it">1:0:19:37A6:14B4:FBFF:820000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Fox HD -->
Line 8132: <!-- 5.0W --><channel id="Fox.it">1:0:1:143E:3B6:110:DDE0000:0:0:0:</channel><!-- Fox -->


Mediaset extra 2 - 1:0:1:1E:7918:217C:EEEE0000:0:0:0   -   1:0:1:1E:7918:217C:DDE0000:0:0:0

It has the same programming as

Mediaset Extra - 1:0:1:9:1770:110:820000:0:0:0



Channels linked to the MediasetExtra.it schedule




PS: I will rerun the Italian grab again.  Maybe there was something wrong on the websites before.

#1074531 [Erotic]

Posted by doglover on 27 June 2019 - 14:28

It looks that way.





#1074367 [Italy-Italia] Changelog :)

Posted by doglover on 27 June 2019 - 09:22

In the log:

[  Info  ] (  71/83  ) TIVU.TV.IT -- chan. (xmltv_id=La7d.it) -- mode Incremental
[Error   ] no shows in indexpage!
[  Info  ] (  34/57  ) GUIDATV.SKY2.IT -- chan. (xmltv_id=SkyUno.it) -- mode Incremental
[Warning ] error downloading page: The operation has timed out. (3sec)
[Warning ] Retry 1 of 3 times
[Warning ] error downloading page: The operation has timed out. (6sec)
[Warning ] Retry 2 of 3 times
[Warning ] error downloading page: The operation has timed out. (9sec)
[Warning ] Retry 3 of 3 times
[Error   ] Unable to update channel SkyUno.it
[Critical] Generic syntax exception:
[Critical]    message:
[Error   ] no index page data received from SkyUno.it
[Error   ] unable to update channel, try again later
[  Info  ] Existing guide data restored!

I feel some detective work coming on...

#1073267 Only import EPG for channels in Bouquets - change requested

Posted by doglover on 24 June 2019 - 15:34

This imports now.  (and the filtering seems to work)


Only one side effect.  In the log there are a bunch of:

Serviceref not in bouquets: 1708553142999056432
Serviceref not in bouquets: 388435601010327600
Serviceref not in bouquets: 1083678759125909552
Serviceref not in bouquets: 1241304750378844208
Serviceref not in bouquets: 1995657623538892848
Serviceref not in bouquets: 630504089571426352
Serviceref not in bouquets: 640355713756299312
Serviceref not in bouquets: 895090447420358704
Serviceref not in bouquets: 318066736573579312
Serviceref not in bouquets: 1261007998748590128
Serviceref not in bouquets: 897905197187465264

These are complete useless.  Previous they showed the serviceref.  And they could be usefull.

However these are of no use at all.

So either you make these "human readeable" or just do not list them at all.



#1073155 Only import EPG for channels in Bouquets - change requested

Posted by doglover on 24 June 2019 - 13:21

In the past, I had much reports of crossepg importing wrong EPG for a few channels.

Inspection of the channels list always revealed in such cases there were 2 entries in the channel list with the same SID:TID:NID but a different Namespace.


Therefore my conclusion:  crossepg doe not take into account the Namespace.  Of course the above explanation from LraiZer can cause this too.  And my conclusion was jumping to conclusions.


I have to admit, I did not see any reports lately of this kind of error.




PS:  Everybody following this forum, would know my feelings about crossepg.  And they are not helped by something like the above.

Crossepg is good for reading EPG from OpenTV on 28.2E and 13E.

Importing XMLTV files is a later add-on, which leaves to be desired.

#1067197 [Italy-Italia] Changelog :)

Posted by doglover on 8 June 2019 - 19:46

It is fixed since 11h00 this morning.

#1055573 [Erotic]

Posted by doglover on 13 May 2019 - 15:10

OK. Added.



#1048693 Virgin UK/Ireland

Posted by doglover on 30 April 2019 - 00:06

Could be the case:


<!-- UK Virgin --> <!-- Cable --> <channel id=" SkySpPL.uk "> 1:0:1:19E:4:F020:FFFF0000:0:0:0: </channel><!--  Sky Sports 5  -->


Changed it to Sky One



#1042489 The end of Rytec EPG?

Posted by doglover on 13 April 2019 - 07:55

To integrate it with WG++, this is what I made from it.

        $ch = curl_init();
        $reqtype = $_GET['reqtype'];
        if($reqtype == '1') {
                $channel = $_GET['channel'];
                $date = $_GET['date'];
                $url = "https://www.a1.hr/bnetepg/call/method::get_entries::channels::" . $channel . "::date::" . $date;
        } elseif($reqtype == '2') {
             $url = "https://www.a1.hr/bnetepg/call/method::get_init";
        $cookie = "GDPR_consent=false; COOKIE_SUPPORT=true; GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID=hr_HR; ANONYMOUS_USER_ID=603235998; ajs_user_id=null; ajs_group_id=null; _ga=GA1.2.703060790.1552813224; _gcl_au=1.1.1973057734.1552813225; _gid=GA1.2.663676338.1555068929; TS0100abbe=01bfb3d758431cb359df57fe8d4b5f40c59333070c9bfcea9dd32c2b41e1c2a751a4bb02bc7737d3f06fd780128b1ff2fbb659c22dc13a4baa0dc3f0cc3da66542f3a14f4e; TS0100abbe_28=019b2e131147292ace1b35a044bf87ff4b6d7947f03c37060506d5bb6deb51316a0f57a28bde15cb8194a1089c14dce047f90e07c8; aaaStaticCookie=lvpaaa1; TS01bf97ba=0142c2695f806686a383861640fdc90eaf11595161d8c577f543728f3d85375b29ecc278cf5706259fad8a2fc908789947b18a95d6b7dc6d57e6cb8021a7cd5021d4c59024e7a3f28e379bca566cd6fa659d60e0cd6c6474332dae719bcb175be9acb997eb; TS0193b03d=0142c2695f2eeaa9182230efdf9fd4ff0b99102e03d8c577f543728f3d85375b29ecc278cf078ca94ed28c7eb59476dcfdc298da97e16d1f680413e3e4d8e6b5291803d7b6; BS=apps1; JSESSIONID=B19D7E626F8A86654DDCD3F53AE5678B; lbsrv=lvplr04; BIGipServer~Corp-L1P~Cms_vipnet_80=rd1o00000000000000000000ffff0af39a9ao80; asmpCookieMaster=a/6834911461555082187449; webappsStaticCookie=lvpbbgw3; AAAproxySession=lvpaaa1.vipnet.hr/54436046692779483291555082";
        $ch = curl_init($url);
        curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
        curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_COOKIE, $cookie);
        $output = curl_exec($ch);
        echo $output;



#1037597 The end of Rytec EPG?

Posted by doglover on 31 March 2019 - 18:38

Everything you need can actually be done on your enigma2 box with python. Downloading the json files, building the xml files, cross referencing the lame files etc.




Firstly.  it are not always json files.  But that is besides the point.


The problem is finding the exact URL to download the json files.

Can you find them for telemach.ba?  or tv2go.t-2.net?

There are special problems here, which I cannot figure out.  Solutions exits but they do not want to share it.

Once I know the correct URL (and request headers) it is easy.



#1031981 Update russian sources in rytec.sources.xml

Posted by doglover on 17 March 2019 - 15:11

Can you do the same for the OE-A version please?


Also done.


#1026421 [UKsat] Missing EPG - UKsat

Posted by doglover on 6 March 2019 - 09:22

The problems on freeview are still there.

So I replaced the grabs from that page with other webpages.

The new grab is being uploaded, while I type this.  An import approx 1h after the time of this post should resolve the missing EPG.



#1025289 [FRANCE] missing EPG on discovery family

Posted by doglover on 4 March 2019 - 13:11

I changed this grab some time ago.

Indeed the last entry in the XMLTV file is limited to what you post.

However, when I do a new testgrab the last entry is:

<programme start="20190310222000 +0100" stop="20190310231500 +0100" channel="DiscoveryFamily.fr">
    <title lang="fr">Animaux VIP</title>
    <sub-title lang="fr">Appartement pour animal (Saison 1 - Épisode 2)</sub-title>

So no worry.



#1023697 epgimport https links do not work with sources.xml

Posted by doglover on 1 March 2019 - 13:41

Sorry, misunderstood your problem.

But reading, the above from WanWizard, it is above my paygrade anyway.

(Ask me anything on chemistry)



#1022981 [Italy-Italia] Changelog :)

Posted by doglover on 27 February 2019 - 16:18

DMAX +1:  schedule repaired.


MTV Live HD - 1:0:1:1:1964:13E:820000:0:0:0: - 13E

Is in the Misc file.  There is only one English schedule in the complete of Europe.  So....