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#1339415 Zgemma H92H Expand Memory

Posted by Aliraza63 on 17 April 2021 - 06:32

Try this plugin its working fine with Openpli 8


Attached File  enigma2-plugin-extensions-scriptexecuter-boot-h9_1.0r3_all.zip   81KB   4 downloads

#1333347 The new OpenPLi Release 8.0 is available for download.

Posted by Aliraza63 on 30 March 2021 - 04:39

exteplayer3 gives error 

protocol not found..

can not play iptv free channels using exteplayer 3

you have mips or arm box ?

share your box info

#1323547 VU+ Ultimo 4K crash OpenPLI 8.0

Posted by Aliraza63 on 26 February 2021 - 05:21

I Had faced this issue with  my giant what I did I share it for helping purpose .

1. use 4gb/8gb  original Kingston/Sandisk  usb ( not cheap generic chinese )

2. remove all other attached hdd /usb

3. unzip this file loader 

4. install it & reboot 

5. install original image & check

6. Now u can install any pli verion 

It will work flawlessly now  


Attached File  vuplus-image-vuultimo4k-bolt-v1.21-20171218_usb.zip   539.47KB   4 downloads

#1322827 Testing VU+ @ OpenPLi development Images

Posted by Aliraza63 on 24 February 2021 - 05:34

We only support basic configs for oscam softcam which at least will support smartcard with a valid subscription.
I don’t see the need to update those configs but maybee you can give me the benefit of updating or changing the configs...

Good Morning .

Thanks for your reply .now its clear to me these are basic working files in feed.

Yes I share all my configs which are modified and working flawlessly in (ARM,MIPS)  

I dont say those files will be updated in feed but just for the knowledge and information purpose I shall share with the Open Pli team .

Once again more thanks all of you for your help and support .

Attached File  Oscam-Config.rar   110.32KB   42 downloads

Attached File  CCcam.prio & CCcam.info updated.rar   119.89KB   24 downloads

Attached File  Ncam-config.rar   50.7KB   24 downloads

#1319635 Duo2-Could Not Startup

Posted by Aliraza63 on 14 February 2021 - 05:37

If you have repairing tool kit and have proper knowledge of repairing  then try  But in my opinion its better to send your box to technician and let him measure through volt meter find which one is not working .

#1315451 Testing VU+ @ OpenPLi development Images

Posted by Aliraza63 on 5 February 2021 - 06:59

Good Morning

Wish you all will be fine and enjoying good health .

after 3 days test I find kodi (with vpn) is working fine at my side.

I have tested in solo4k and dou4k with fallowing rep & plugin. 

image installed Openpli 8 development .









Thanks Open Pli team  for their hard work. 

#1306146 Testing VU+ @ OpenPLi development Images

Posted by Aliraza63 on 17 January 2021 - 07:44

It's a VTI / Blackhole thing to install plugins due to lack of a feed...

Dear Wan Wizard . 

I just looked  in your signature . 

We all really wish for your happy & healthy life .

#1306138 Testing VU+ @ OpenPLi development Images

Posted by Aliraza63 on 17 January 2021 - 05:52

What is the Levi45 Addons Panel?

Its addon panel like Ts panel , Satvenus panel .

Mostly people use to install the updated plugins/addons from outside feeds.

This is the most compatible panel for Openpli releases . 

Mostly the addons and plugins are tested by me and it has always updated and tested stuff. I use it because of its compatibility with Openpli images.  

#1302252 Testing VU+ @ OpenPLi development Images

Posted by Aliraza63 on 10 January 2021 - 13:55

Can you test, if HbbTV works on Vu+dou2 and Open Pli 8 development?



Tested today at Vu+duo2

No hbbtv is working .

although its installed but didnt work after spinning some time. 

Further more after some other tests I am going to test my 4k stbs at  Openpli 8 development

I shall test again and will report back soon  

#1299594 Testing VU+ @ OpenPLi development Images

Posted by Aliraza63 on 6 January 2021 - 08:39

Online update also working fine.


skin installed from outside feed server working fine 



finally full backup created 


#1299590 All Kodi related issues only in OpenPLi 8.0 and no previous releases.

Posted by Aliraza63 on 6 January 2021 - 07:39

How to solve the problem of installing ffmeg / extplayer on OpenPLi 8, Box: Zgemma H7s

Install fresh OpenPLi, in flesh or multiboot

Insert via FTP E2iPlayer plugin.
I inserted Maxbambi ( https://gitlab.com/m...r/-/tree/master ), you can also use ZadMario ( https://gitlab.com/zadmario/e2iplayer ), and 9thPrince ( https://gitlab.com/9...r/-/tree/master ) will probably work as well

Install Serviceapp from the feed

Install e2iplayer-deps with the feed, or better yet via telnet, with the command:
opkg update
opkg install enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2iplayer-deps


For exteplayer3 to work properly, it is required in the file settings located at / etc / enigma2 / settings,
insert the following line:
config.plugins.iptvplayer.exteplayer3path = / usr / bin / exteplayer3

You must do this with a command via telnet:
init 4 && sleep 1 && echo "config.plugins.iptvplayer.exteplayer3path=/usr/bin/exteplayer3" >> /etc/enigma2/settings && init 3

After this, start E2iPlayer (you will get a message about the problem with SSL, however the player will work properly)
Of course, when you start E2iPlayer, install what the wizard asks you to do.

Many thanks to the forum members:

nice tut . good Job 

just for info I share my method 

opkg update;opkg install ffmpeg
opkg install exteplayer3 
opkg install gstplayer
opkg install enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-serviceapp
killall -9 enigma2
opkg install enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2iplayer-deps

#1299586 Testing VU+ @ OpenPLi development Images

Posted by Aliraza63 on 6 January 2021 - 07:19


Good Morning Open Pli team.

Currently testing Vu+dou2 with development images

its fresh install without any back up ( which I dont like to often)  

Installed some known plugins 


Installed some important files from feed 


Installed E2Iplayer deps.


After reboot 

Plugins installed successfully 


 Vpn manager working 


Box info



These are just  basic plugins installed which peoples mostly uses .

Over all image is good & working seamlessly at my side .further tests are still on the way 

I shall share my tests here and report the flaws here . 


Thanks you  Opel Pli team & developers 

Thanks to support as beta tester

#1297998 All Kodi related issues only in OpenPLi 8.0 and no previous releases.

Posted by Aliraza63 on 4 January 2021 - 06:14

I install OpenPLI 8 in flesh on my Zgemma H7s

I install ServiceApp, reboot, and after I setup extplayer for default player.

Via FTP I put E2IPlayer by Mario in Extensions, then I reboot my box.

I start E2iPlayer and check it, extplayer is here, then I try to play some videos from youtube, but don't work, problem with duktape.

I install duktape from Packet management, but problem is still here. See screenshot.

What the problem and how to solved him?

telnet: opkg update

opkg install enigma2-plugin-extensions-e2iplayer-deps


#1266632 VPN

Posted by Aliraza63 on 24 October 2020 - 04:36


Openvpn can be installed with opkg install openvpn


Config, keys and licenses should be put in ./etc/openvpn... after installation and restart it should be auto restarted. Manual restart could be done via /etc/init.d/openvpn [start/stop/restart]




Is it still available on OpenPli 7.2 ? Vpn Cyberghost, Vu+ uno 4K Se


-opkg install openvpn (looks like its allready installed becouse nothing happend..)

-all files (openvpn.conf and auth.txt) are in /etc/openvpn (is it enough to make file with password and edit conf in notepad++?)

-auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/auth.txt , and then reboot -done

-webif VPN enabled (is it ok with only local connection ((enable http authentication,enable https -disabled)? 

-openvpn must running (autostart)  (how to check it? -/etc/init.d/openvpn can't find it so why it's not created?)

 -have tried also update-rc.d openvpn defaults and 

cd /etc/rc3.d 

ln -../init.d/openvpn S99openvpn


maybe a config is not valid. but i'm lost now- don't know where to look


ps. when adding new device in cyberghost what protocol is best to choose UDP,TCP, L2TP and there is more..


any help greatly appreciated




  Did you try these plugins? 


I have tried . both working seamlessly 

Attached Files

#1248254 OpenPLi 7.3 Release available.

Posted by Aliraza63 on 27 August 2020 - 11:36

No, I don't have any vpn service available to test with.


The purevpn package contains a script that deletes the resolv.conf in use, and links is to elsewhere. So I think that's your culprit.


I don't know why all that is needed, I never had issues with routes and DNS info being pushed by an OpenVPN server.


edit: the other package contains exactly the same script.

Ok  .. I get it .. just for the helping &  educational  purpose  Try it . 


Attached File  VPN ( How To).zip   149.57KB   79 downloads