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#1415002 develop: python3 transition

Posted by Taapat on 30 December 2021 - 20:41

My personal opinion now about py2 vs py3 is that you need to build code only for py3 compatible and not worry about py2.
Once you switch to py3 you will no longer want to return to py2.
Therefore, I do not see the point in maintaining compatibility.
Additionally, it allows you to modify the code in the hope that active plugin developers will follow.
Closed source inactive plugins will die naturally and I hope their users will find alternatives or live without them.
I personally don't worry about notifications that your image is rubbish if it comes from some plugin developer.
I also don't create plugins for all images.
But it's not because they're rubbish, but because I don't use them and don't want to waste time on tests and exceptions for them.

#1402486 Multi resolution skin SimpleGray with svg images

Posted by Taapat on 14 November 2021 - 15:33

Simple and clean multi resolution skin for OpenPLi or on OpenPLi based enigma2 images.


Skins use automatic scaling, thefore it is available in all, SD, HD and FHD resolutions.

Skins use svg images, so their quality does not change at all resolutions.


Will work on OpenPLi images starting from version 8.1 because the older images does not support scaling and svg.


Repository: https://github.com/T...skin-SimpleGray


Download: https://github.com/T...leGray/releases


Skin is also be available on the develop image feed.



SGInfobar.jpg SGSecondInfobar.jpg SGChannelSelection.jpg SGSingleEPG.jpg SGGMEPG.jpg SGSetup.jpg

#1343915 merge requests for PLi's git

Posted by Taapat on 30 April 2021 - 08:06

https://github.com/O...igma2/pull/2962 (cherry-pick jbleyel commit from ATV, currently available in OV)


I think this is the wrong solution.
Relying on the fact that the source code is installed does not mean that the plugin is working properly.
I think if you need some functionality from plugin, you need to check this with a specific function import from plugin and not just with the existence of source code.

#1325459 Openpli 8.0 ffmpeg problem

Posted by Taapat on 3 March 2021 - 14:15

The same is true for exteplayer3, which has been abandoned for about 18 months now...

I'm not sure if he needs a regular update.
If you have created a normal playback on a particular receiver you don't need to change anything.

Check how often something serious is changed in servicemp3  ;) .

#1322223 no youtube sound, openpli 8, DM 8000

Posted by Taapat on 21 February 2021 - 19:58


maybe that's interesting for the plugin?




If you are talking about "Add option to choose style of VirtualKeyBoard" then we have already discussed this here: https://github.com/T...youtube/pull/74

#1321647 no youtube sound, openpli 8, DM 8000

Posted by Taapat on 20 February 2021 - 16:21

I would like to introduce clarity about what my plugin uses for youtube video playback.
Normally he takes a link to the stream and plays it with the enigma media player.
You can install the plugin serviceapp in the image and change the default enigma player to exteplayer, or after installing the serviceapp in the youtube plugin settings specify to use exteplayer.
If the stream that will be extracted from youtube will be a DASHMP4 video then the parameter "&suburi=" will be added to stream link with the DASHMP4 audio.
I sem back introduced in servicemp3 and serviceapp the ability to play two streams in parallel using "suburi".
Unfortunately on gstreamer it's more of a hack because audistream plays instead of subtitles sream, so it doesn't work very well. For example, after seelk disappears sound.
I want to point out that usually on the lowest resolution youtube does not offer the DASHMP4 format!
If we talk about downloaded videos, then in case of DASHMP4 format, two files are downloaded.
You can in the youtube plugin settings enable the option to merge them. By default, this is not enabled so you do not need set up ffmpeg unnecessarily.
In this case, ffmpeg will be installed from the feed which will merge the two files into one.
You can also not merge them, because I have added an option in the enigma media player (screen not plugin) if you play a  DASHMP4 video file automatically using "&suburi=" an audio file is also played in parallel.

#1313555 merge requests for PLi's git

Posted by Taapat on 1 February 2021 - 12:30

meta-sh4 is like 100% rework and almost done by me to support all SH4 brands/models.

This is no reason not to follow the license. And it has nothing to do with OpenPli.
You can change the code completely, but you have changed the code that contains the license, which you do not have the right to change.
As I wrote I have stopped fulan support and I am not interested in your changes, but I am interested that open source remains open source including all changes in it.


But of course your choice is to follow it, or join them who doesn't follow.

#1313495 merge requests for PLi's git

Posted by Taapat on 1 February 2021 - 10:19

But our OE will never be open again, nobody should be able to create OV images without our permission and this won't change.


Ok you can do it.
However, as mentioned here, your OE recipe for fulan comes from MastaG which is a copy of my no longer supported OE repo for fulan: https://github.com/T...openpli-oe-core
Therefore, please make sure that everything related to fulan is available as open source.
You may not like this, but you use exactly the same license in OE as in enigma: https://github.com/T.../master/LICENSE

#1313463 merge requests for PLi's git

Posted by Taapat on 1 February 2021 - 09:29

As I understand, this is not about freely available code, but about permission to use it to get a financial advantage.
You may not like this, but under the current enigma2 leicense, you cannot prohibited the use of the code for commercial purposes: https://github.com/O...LICENSE#L33-L37
However, you can request freely available source codes.

#1270445 @WanWizard and "smell illegal"

Posted by Taapat on 6 November 2020 - 08:27

The YouTube plugin is designed to watch videos on YouTube.
This claim is against specific download links that are included in the youtube-dl code for the tests.
The YouTube plugin does not contain such links.

#1269084 Youtube - VU+ Uno 4K SE

Posted by Taapat on 1 November 2020 - 17:07

I assume you're not writing about the YouTube application but about my YouTube plugin.
You need to wait until someone merge my PR https://github.com/O...e-core/pull/867, update the feed and after that you will be able to update to the latest plugin version from the feed.
Or you can download the latest pluigin ipk version from here https://github.com/T...outube/releases or from here  http://taapat.ho.ua/enigma2-plugin-youtube and install it manually.

#1221430 Youtube

Posted by Taapat on 18 June 2020 - 12:49

At this point, I didn't notice that the youtube API key quota was exceeded, so it's enough if you install the latest version of the plugin from the feed.
If you are using an old image and on the feed is not available the latest version you can install from here: http://taapat.ho.ua/...plugin-youtube/
Of course, it is always better to create and use your own youtube API key, as this will guarantee that the api quota will never be exceeded.

#1193242 YouTube is down

Posted by Taapat on 26 April 2020 - 17:02


Youtube actively used DASH MP4 format witch used two streams. One for video, the other for audio.

I implement in enigma suburi parameter to play parallel both of these streams with gstreamer in enigma2.

However, this implementation does not work properly in all cases because it uses for audio stream parameter which in gstreamer is intended for subtitles.

You can install plugin serviceapp, choose exteplayer as the default enigma player and then sound should work after pause and rewinding.


By the way I've got api key authentication from google and plugin from the openpli feed should work without using your own keys.

However, I recommend using your api keys in any case.

#1181968 YouTube is down

Posted by Taapat on 28 March 2020 - 21:58

@hispanico you can uninstall the plugin and install the latest plugin version from there: http://taapat.ho.ua/...plugin-youtube/
Here you can specify your keys in file /etc/enigma2/YouTube.key.
For now, I'm fight with google to verify the keys for Openpli, and until it's not finished I won't offer a changes on the Openpli feed.

#1181004 YouTube is down

Posted by Taapat on 26 March 2020 - 07:58


YOUTUBE_API_CLIENT_ID is 72 characters long. Do you think it can be entered normally with the remote in config?

then at least put them in a nice static config in /etc/enigma2/settings or special config file in that folder... to put it in the code is not that ‘smart’.... what I like at least is that you used thia method! I hope you can take a positive attitude from my comments...


Until now there was no problem with usage quotas, so there was no reason to place the API keys in a special file.
Therefore, the solution needed to be changed only now, when the problem appeared.
And I've already explained above why I didn't do it yet.
By the way, my plugin quota is 1.25 million requests per day. And they are spent in a few hours.
Yesterday I found the time and made changes in the plugin: https://github.com/T...9b05fa6c4406238
For Openpli I will make OAuth App Verification on google and after that offer changes in the image.